New Book, The Coherence Effect, Contains Scientists’ Insights on What Life Is and What it Means for Health

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On January 19, the most recent of four articles chronicling a profound insight on health and what life is were published in Yoga Digest, Spirituality & Health, and Thrive Global, with a fifth article to be published in the February issue of Oracle magazine. These articles on the “coherence effect” are by Psychiatrist Chris Clark, MD (Yale Medical School), Robert Keith Wallace, PhD (UCLA physiologist), and meditation teacher Jay Marcus, and adapted from their book The Coherence Effect, released in November.  

“What is Life and How we Heal” is the book’s first chapter and the thrust of the articles in Thrive Global and Oracle. The authors tell us that anything not alive progressively becomes more disorderly due to nature’s Second Law of Thermodynamics, sometimes called the scientific equivalent of the works of Shakespeare. Living organisms, alone, can grow and evolve, and they do so by maintaining coherence through their immune, homeostatic, chemical production, and other systems. The authors say the ability to maintain coherence in functioning is the essence of life, according to science, and the more coherence, the healthier and happier people are. 

Dr. Clark says, “the coherence principle applies in all of medicine—pharmaceuticals seek to create order where there is disorder, and surgery is to remove or repair disorders. But pharmaceuticals and surgery are for when people are already sick, and when 40% of Americans suffer from chronic disease, something fundamental is wrong with healthcare.”

The authors tell us that healthy living requires applying medicine’s coherence principle to what really maintains health—to diet, exercise, sleep strategies, and meditation or relaxation programs—and a coherence-maintaining lifestyle tailored to the stresses of modern life.

The Coherence Effect says that:

  • whether a mental technique produces brain wave coherence (as measured by the EEG) should be the criterion for selecting the right meditation program;
  • systematically quieting the mind produces brain coherence—Dr. Clark says, the research shows “a settled mind is most reliably produced through Transcendental Meditation;”
  • a quiet mind is a happier mind (everyone likes being settled and relaxed);
  • the ancient health system, Ayurveda, describes the diet and lifestyle changes to pacify or eliminate each disorder—those with anxiety need a different diet and  exercise routine than those with anger issues, inflammatory disorders, weight problems, or insomnia;
  • and health requires lifestyle routines in accordance with nature’s circadian rhythms, such as going to sleep early, waking early, eating the main meal at midday when digestion is strongest, and eating more lightly at night so digestion doesn’t affect sleep.

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