New Guided Journal for Entrepreneurs Builds Confidence with Proven Methods & Approach

EWING, N.J., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Psychotherapist, professor, and counseling expert, Katie Onitiri-Hageman, is releasing the anticipated journal, An Entrepreneurial Therapy Guide to Overcome Self-Doubt, in both e-book and hardcover formats. The journal, which was created with the purpose to guide individuals in identifying concerns that hold them back from success, is a powerful tool for those looking to proactively understand the correlations between mental health and professional achievement. 

Within the guided journal, participants identify crucial patterns to allow breakthroughs in self-care, including identifying negative thoughts, stress management, enhancing relationships and vibrations, among other patterns. Business Self-Esteem is introduced to teach a systemic approach to analyze one’s mental health, illuminating the ways various thoughts and behaviors affect business management and growth. 

In creating this journal, Onitiri-Hageman provides valuable knowledge and self-guided structure in approaching the intersection of mental health and business. She concisely asserts, "Take care of the head that wears the crown." It is the first step to identify the need for self-care, and the crucial next step to work towards improvement and action. Katie is especially focused on empowering women and black business owners who can benefit from achieving more with a guided approach. 

Learn more about the journal and purchase An Entrepreneurial Therapy Guide to Overcome Self-Doubt here. Additional information about Katie’s work can be found here

About Katie Onitiri-Hageman

Katie Onitiri-Hageman is a psychotherapist who works with families, couples and individuals on trauma, generational patterns, addiction & self-care. She runs two organizations, Life & Family Guidance and Ade Self-Care, where she provides therapy & counseling services as well as public speaking, custom journal creation, workshops and consultations.

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