New Healthcare Consultant Firm 'PDV Health Consulting' Announces Official Launch

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — PDV Health Consulting, a new organization that provides expert financial, organizational, and operational support to healthcare organizations, systems, hospitals, medical practices, and agencies, today announces its official launch. Established by Paul D. Vitale, a leader in healthcare for more than 35 years, PDV Health Consulting gathers a diverse team of expert consultants who help bring innovation and performance enhancement strategies to healthcare organizations worldwide. What differentiates PDV is their thorough, hands-on approach to everything they do; Paul is there every step of the way with clients through project completion. 

With a proficiency for the creation and management of board governance, recruitment, policies, and procedures, PDV Health Consulting combines the experience needed to bring about real transformation and sustainability to healthcare organizations. Additionally, unlike other consultancies, PDV provides a flexible cost structure that ensures client satisfaction. PDV clients include hospitals, health, and ambulatory centers, along with managed care organizations.

As a past CEO and Executive in Hospitals, Home Care, Managed Care, and Ambulatory Care, I have hired many consulting firms, and although many possess smart, young people, their reports and data were simply adequate,” said Paul D. Vitale,  President, CEO, and Executive Consultant at PDV Health Consulting. “I have since dreamed of bringing a different kind of consulting to healthcare. At PDV Health Consulting, we have some of the most experienced healthcare executives in the world who can give our clients the hands-on, 24/7 comprehensive work data, coaching, and experience that they need. We are a unique consulting company that focuses on collaboration, execution and remaining with the client until they achieve the best results.

In addition to his 35 years of experience in provider and payer organizations, Paul D. Vitale is a strong advocate for progressive policies, improved accessibility, diversity & inclusion. As a guest speaker at the United Nations on the global opioid epidemic, Vitale showcased his passion for improving outcomes and providing value-based care for underserved populations. Prior to launching PDV Health Consulting, Vitale served for 10 years as President and CEO of Brightpoint Health.

The Executive Team:
Paul D. Vitale, MPA, FACHE – President, CEO, and PDV Executive Consultant
Joan M. Marren, RN, MA, MEd – Consultant, Clinical & Operational Health
Dr. Frank Kwakye-Berko – Consultant, Physician/Peer Review/Executive Coaching/Research-Infectious Diseases
Dr. Alan Abrams – Consultant, Hospital Operations/Geriatric Programs/Managed Care
Sam Heller – Consultant, Executive Finance
Andrew Anello – Consultant, Strategic Planning/Practice Management/Operational Assessments/Business Development/Program Implementation
Dr. Francine Cournos – Consultant, Mental & Behavioral Health; Speaker & Author
Lisa DeRoché – Consultant, Human Resources/Organizational Development/Diversity & Inclusion
Afua Kwakye-Berko – Consultant, Project Management
PDV Health Consulting Services:
Mergers & Acquisitions | Ambulatory Care / Hospital / FQHC | Hospital Operations | Home Care | Healthcare Business Development | Managed Care | Executive Coaching | Organizational Culture | Population Health Strategy | Motivational Presenter | Training
For more information, visit
 Phone: US +1 (646) 939-2727

SOURCE PDV Health Consulting

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