New Service Focuses on Merchant Account Placements for Credit Repair Companies

SCARBOROUGH, Maine, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — E-Commerce 4 IM expands into merchant account placements for credit repair companies looking to accept payments online.

Expanding into new merchant categories as the high-risk-payment-processing landscape continues to evolve, E-Commerce 4 IM’s new service centers around providing merchant accounts and payment gateways to credit repair, credit improvement or education, credit counseling, and credit restoration companies that operate within the USA and process transactions primarily online.

Additionally, E-Commerce 4 IM now caters to an expanded list of e-commerce payment integrations, including traditional shopping carts like WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and ClickFunnels, along with credit-repair-focused software like Credit Repair Cloud, DisputeSuite, ScoreCEO, TrackStar, DisCo, and DebtPayPro.

According to E-Commerce 4 IM president, Alex Roy, the move was a response to the quickly changing needs, and the expected growth of, the US-based credit repair industry. “American credit repair companies are set to experience real growth in 2021, but for too many of them the ability to accept online payments is really hampering their ability to grow, or even launch,” explained Alex. “Ethical online credit repair companies work hard for their customers – and raising credit scores can help clients obtain loans, save on insurance, and even benefit from the pride and confidence that comes from a good credit score. In order to serve clients, though, credit repair companies need an affordable, easy way to accept online payments.”

According to their home page, E-Commerce 4 IM specializes in helping businesses in traditionally high-risk industries find the high-risk merchant services they need to accept credit cards – “without fear of being shut down.” Alex explained: “This will not change as we move into the area of assisting online credit repair companies. We know we can assist US-based credit-repair-focused businesses with affordable merchant services, and that our guidance can sometimes be the final piece a credit repair company needs to thrive.”

According to E-Commerce 4 IM, their mission is to provide “specialized processing for specialized industries.” By limiting their online-merchant-account and chargeback-mitigation client types, which now includes credit repair, EC4IM’s staff can better specialize and provide more tailored information.

“We now concentrate exclusively on providing payment processing and chargeback mitigation to companies that offer credit repair, credit education, credit counseling, online courses (of any type), and mastermind-level personal and business growth events,” stated Alex. “Our focus allows us to provide experienced credit repair businesses with industry-specific credit card processing advice. We’ll recommend – and help set businesses up with – a merchant account that will work for specific needs. In other words – if you offer credit repair, credit improvement or education, credit counseling, credit restoration, or all of the above – we’re ready to help you with payment processing.”

The internet-marketing world is continuously changing, and there are many new possibilities for high-risk businesses like credit repair to succeed, as long as they have the ability to accept credit card payments online. Being in a high-risk industry can make setting up financial services, like a merchant account, far more difficult. Common payment providers like Stripe, Square, and PayPal are often uncomfortable with credit repair businesses and prohibit them from using their platforms. There are multiple reasons why financial institutions and software providers consider credit repair companies “high-risk.” One is that credit repair clients often have had challenges due to being cash-strapped. This can cause high chargeback ratios that in turn increases risks for banks and credit card processors.

Another challenge is that credit repair businesses are under tight scrutiny by regulatory bodies. “It’s a common reason why many companies fall under the ‘high-risk’ label,” Alex Roy explained. “E-commerce 4 IM focuses on specific e-commerce industries and therefore puts itself in a better position to educate online merchants and assist them with finding the best path toward accepting online payments.”

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