Northwicks Consulting Creates Profitable Sales & Marketing Systems For Self-Funded Businesses

ROSENBERG, Texas, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Failure is not an option, yet, failing is what 95% of business owners funding their own business experience in the first twelve months.

The sad truth is, that’s about half as long as the national average for fully funded businesses.

What does that mean for you as a self-funded business owner?

It means your business will eventually fail without the necessary systems in place, no matter how much funding you have. Brandon Northwick, the owner of Northwicks Consulting, focused on building the perfect sales & marketing system – before anything else – because he found early on in his career the root of the issue for business owners was not having systems in place.

He has now invested more than $250,000 of his own money into developing the VPC Method & Northwick sales system for self-funded businesses. He’s also invested an additional $150,000 in refining it.

The solution he found is to create "highly predictable growth systems" for business owners.

Brandon Northwick then focused on who he could help the most, the fastest, using his proven method and system.

Immediately he leveraged an old-school tactic to test the concept and started dialing for dollars, looking for restaurants he could partner with because of his restaurant background.

TIP: The goal as a business owner is to validate before you automate.

So Brandon used his new VPC Method and Northwick Sales System to get the meetings, follow up with each prospect, present the newly crafted offers, and close the deal without using any slimy sales tactics.

The Method & System worked exceptionally well and is how Northwicks Consulting has successfully served more than 162 self-funded businesses.

If you’re a self-funded business owner and don’t want to risk your limited resources with a company that can’t do it all, visit¬†and schedule a call with a sales & marketing specialist this week.

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