Offshore Corp Talk Becomes a Freemium Community with a New Approach

YORK, England, Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Struggling to secure a solid future is every man’s priority. Most people will fail to get out of their comfort zones though and this is when a certain category makes the difference. Whether it comes to establishing a business abroad, preparing for retirement or simply hoping to become part of that 1% of the world’s population, the offshore industry could be the way forward.

Offshore Corp Talk has been established as a supportive community for offshore enthusiasts – people from all over the world with experience in different offshore concepts. Over more than a decade, the community has gained close to 20,000 people – more or less experienced entrepreneurs, service providers, people who want to learn or people who want to share their knowledge.

The past year has brought in a series of updates, but two of them have made the difference. Initially set up as a forum, the Offshore Corp Talk community has become a freemium platform. It provides a mix of free and premium services, both public and private sections and guides, as well as access to different discussion boards based on users’ necessities.

The concept has turned the Offshore Corp Talk community into the type of platform where users are the authors of the content. Apart from services discussing ideas and strategies, the management provides up to date and highly detailed guides and tutorials based on the hottest threads and topics. If someone comes up with a great idea, chances are it will be analyzed in small details in a guide.

The second recent update revolves around the video tutorials started recently. If going through a stuffy guide on electronic money institutions or another concept may seem too time consuming for a newbie, video tutorials provide a few minute intros on most of the guides. A few minutes will help the audience determine their needs – those who need to find out more will simply go through the detailed guide then.

According to a spokesperson for Offshore Corp Talk, "The past few years have forced us to do more online – for someone focused on business, it was all about new ways to work. The modern offshore entrepreneur will choose education. Our recent updates redefine the core of our community. We have made it more accessible to everyone out there, regardless of their business status. Meanwhile, our video tutorials make excellent materials for new and intermediate offshore enthusiasts."

Apart from the latest updates, the Offshore Corp Talk management has also started live interviews with offshore services advertising on the website, only to establish more personal connections within the community.

About Offshore Corp Talk

The Offshore Corp Talk community has been created as a hub for anyone interested in the offshore industry – businesses, banking, accounting, laws, regulations and tax considerations in different jurisdictions. It has grown to become the largest hub in this segment, an actual community well knitted together.

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