Ojai Energetics Joins the Global B Corporation Movement

OJAI, Calif., Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ojai Energetics, a leading producer of organic and water-soluble CBD products, today proudly announced its recent certification as a B Corporation. This certification adds Ojai Energetics to the ranks of over 7,000 pioneering, purpose-led companies committed to balancing purpose and profit to positively impact employees, communities and the environment.

This milestone certification validates Ojai Energetics’ exacting standards for social responsibility that are required to join fellow iconic brands in the Certified B Corporation community. Committed to sustainability leadership within the wellness industry, Ojai Energetics leverages B Corp credentials to differentiate products made with care for people and planet.

Ojai Energetics has worked incredibly hard to build a purpose-led, values-driven organization focused on making a positive difference. As a Public Benefit Corporation since founding and the first in the space to become a PBC, Ojai Energetics has legally embedded their company’s purpose beyond profit since Day 1. This spans from promoting regenerative agriculture to improving access to high-quality CBD to operating with integrity, honesty, and care.

“We believe that business used as a force of good is one of the best ways to help our species live regeneratively as a positive symbiotic multiplier for all life on earth. Ojai Energetics was created to put this into action since day one. We are so happy to join the Certified B Corp community of like-minded people working with shared values and goals, who are demonstrating that companies can be fiscally sound whilst taking care of people and planet,” says founder Will Kleidon.

The B Corp movement of people using business as a force for good has grown into a collective of over 7,000 companies across 161 industries and 92 countries. Ojai Energetics looks forward to collaborating, innovating and pioneering even greater environmental stewardship initiatives alongside fellow B Corps.

About Ojai Energetics: Ojai Energetics, based in Ojai, California, is a triple bottom line-driven Certified B Corp cannabis IP company with a primary focus in nutraceutical, life science and energy sectors. For more information, visit https://www.ojaienergetics.com.

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Kasey Hegelein

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