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SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Finding a birth parent has become much easier with advances in DNA technology. But getting answers frequently requires more than just DNA analysis. One company, Origins International, combines DNA analysis with searches of state and national records, historical publications, newspaper articles, subscription databases of personal information, social media and old-school investigative work to help adoptees identify, locate and contact their birth parents and half siblings. The company has a 100% track record for locating birth parents of adoptees born after 1900!

Founders Jenny Wallentine and Barbara Pace were friends in high school and reconnected a few years ago on Facebook. Jenny, an adoptee herself, connected with her birth mother, Peggy, in 1998, a relationship which lasted until Peggy’s death in 2016. Unfortunately, during that 18-year relationship, Jenny was not able to obtain enough information from Peggy to locate her birth father. The year following Peggy’s passing, Jenny took a DNA test, but had no close matches. With the help of Barbara Pace, Jenny was able to identify her birth father, Bob, in just over 24 hours.

As is the case with many birth fathers, Bob was unaware he had fathered a child. However, once he learned that Jenny was indeed his daughter, he fully embraced her and the two have been close ever since. They talk by phone several times a week and have spent holidays and family vacations together since first meeting in July, 2018.

Soon after, Jenny and Barbara began working together to help others find their birth parents. This led to the formation of Origins, a full-service genealogy firm providing research services, including mapping out pedigrees, locating missing heirs and estranged relatives, identifying unknown close DNA matches, helping remove “brick walls” in family trees, discovering family stories and photos, and helping adoptees identify, learn about, and meet their birth parents. Origins also provides travel packages, including personalized family history tours to the countries of their ancestors.

Origins has many family history packages available which offer discounted rates for their research services. All services include research with footnoted documentation including a research report, digital pedigree chart, and a documents file with full-sized copies of articles and records. For more information, contact Origins at 801-500-0900 or

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