Ostendio Launches Security Audit Guarantee

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ostendio, a leading integrated risk management platform provider, announced the first industry audit guarantee for data security audits. Customers using the Ostendio MyVCM platform and working with Ostendio Professional Services to prepare for complex audits such as SOC 2, FedRAMP, and ISO 27001, will be guaranteed to pass their audits the first time. This groundbreaking offer demonstrates the confidence Ostendio has with the MyVCM platform and the ability of its Professional Services experts to prepare customers for complex security audits.

Ostendio MyVCM is a leading Integrated Risk Management platform for organizations of all sizes and industries that makes it easier to build, operate, and showcase their security program. Only Ostendio is in the unique position to guarantee customers pass their next security audit the first time, or they will remediate the critical findings free of charge. Ostendio delivers this audit guarantee by working closely with customers to prepare documents and evidence required for an audit. The MyVCM platform maps to over 150 security standards and frameworks covering many industries and countries.

"This is another industry-changing offer from Ostendio and the first-ever guaranteed security audit program," said Grant Elliott, chairman and CEO, Ostendio. "Simply automating security standards ignores the need for the required attention to detail and the value in preparing properly for an audit so that customers can pass the first time. This preparation ultimately saves customers time and money they would otherwise have to spend to remediate critical action items resulting from a failed audit."

With decades of audit experience, the Ostendio Professional Services team helps customers anticipate auditor expectations, ensuring they are adequately prepared, thereby reducing the time and resources spent on an audit.

Gila Pyke, who leads the Ostendio Professional Services team, added, "As a former auditor, I am excited about the launch of our new audit guarantee program because I know how important the results of a successful audit or certification are to our customers. We already work with our customers every step of the way to get them across the finish line, and we hope that this extra assurance provides them with a little added comfort."

MyVCM Auditor Connect reinvents the audit process, rendering spreadsheets, third-party file shares, and storage devices effectively obsolete. MyVCM Auditor Connect brings the auditor and customer together on one platform where they can share real-time evidence in a secure location. Unlike previous methods of conducting audits, the Ostendio MyVCM platform provides access to evidence and documents that are always available, easy to update, and optimized for collaboration. Customers being audited can track progress in real-time and the increased collaboration and efficiency can save both auditors and customers up to 50 percent in the time and cost of an audit. Auditors remain independent throughout the audit process.

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Ostendio MyVCM™ is an integrated risk management platform that automates security program lifecycles. Organizations that deploy Ostendio MyVCM spend less time and less budget building, operating, and demonstrating internally and externally the efficacy of their security programs. The platform provides a single solution that connects users and requirements from across the enterprise. Ostendio MyVCM helps companies: identify and quantify enterprise risk; quickly build and deploy security assessments; manage and respond to security incidents and breaches; and align vendors and suppliers to security and compliance standards.

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