Pet Insurance Alternative Is Making Quality Veterinarian Care Affordable

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áPet Insurance in American has become a big business but many families still find it a struggle with the cost, deductibles, and payment schedules they have. The Covid Pandemic certainly didn’t make it any easier on families who were struggling to deal with these new daily hurdles.

“Every day the cost of veterinarian care seems to rise, Pet owners want the best care for their fur-family but often times are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to the financial aspect. Insurance is great for them to have but oftentimes they have an extremely high deductible or a payment schedule that leaves them uncovered in the time of need. These families are then left with tough decisions on how to care for their loved ones. Their pets are their family and they deserve the best care possible,” said Josh Winget EZ Pet Check Founder.

EZ Pet Check, a Nationwide Pet Insurance Alternative since 2014 is helping families navigate these challenging times while still providing their fur-family with the quality care they need. EZ Pet Check takes the guesswork out of what will be covered. All Members have an Annual Out-of-Pocket expense of $250.00 and then receive a flat-rate savings of 75% on their pet’s healthcare. Most Members only use their Membership to save on routine veterinarian care, but the ones who need it during an emergency, don’t have to stress over how much will be covered.

EZ Pet Check makes it easy for the average pet owner to decide what coverage is right for them. Many Insurance companies offer a base coverage and then expect you to choose the add-ons that you feel are necessary. Depending on your financial situation this may leave you with inadequate coverage. For $36.00 per month, EZ Pet Check will provide you with Routine Care and Emergency Coverage in one easy-to-understand Membership.

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