PlantBaby Shows Strong Growth as It Enters Third Year and Makes Way to Go International

The innovative nutrition company has shown strong earnings since its launch in 2021, alongside multiple new product launches and retail expansion.

SISTERS, Ore., Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PlantBaby, the innovative nutrition company developing a portfolio of the purest plant-based products to support the nutritional journey from infancy into adulthood, has posted a highly successful fiscal year as it enters its third year while it gears up to go international.

Since launching its flagship product Kiki Milk in December 2021, PlantBaby has experienced revenue growth that has exceeded all expectations, doubling year after year, accruing $6 million in the first two years with a continued estimated trajectory. The brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality products has resonated with consumers nationwide and is poised to make waves internationally. Through a newly launched partnership with iHerb, Kiki Milk will have the capacity to become available in over 180 countries. Additionally, the brand’s distribution is expanding in the U.S. to nearly 100 Wegman’s Food Markets.

“We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that resonate with people worldwide,” said Alex Abelin, Co-Founder and CEO. “Our success can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to ingredient and nutritional integrity and our ability to listen to our customers and respond with desirable products. As PlantBaby goes international with Kiki Milk, we hope our products add value to families across the globe.”

Alongside growing consumer demand and revenue growth, the brand has celebrated major achievements over the past year, such as being the recipient of the Good Housekeeping 2023 Best Snack Awards in the “Best Snacks Kids and Infants” category, as well as an honorable mention for Fast Company‘s prestigious World Changing Ideas Award for Food.

As of December 2023, PlantBaby has expanded its portfolio with two additional product launches: Unsweetened Kiki Milk and Mermaid Kiki Butter. Available in a 32oz carton, Unsweetened Kiki Milk has been in high demand from customers since the start. Like all Kiki Milk products, it’s made with only whole food ingredients that are naturally nutrient-rich. The new Unsweetened Kiki Milk boasts 5g of protein, 270mg of calcium, and only 1g of total sugar. The vibrant Mermaid Butter has 7g of protein, 57mg of magnesium, 3.1mg of Iron, 320mg of Calcium, and is a vibrant blue color due to the addition of high-quality Blue Spirulina. Spread it on toast, mix it into oatmeal, or blend it with water to create a fun mermaid blue Kiki Milk.

“As a company, we are continuously growing and responding to our customers’ needs,” said Lauren Abelin, Co-Founder. “As parents, we’ve heard so many stories from families who were navigating the same struggles we were – there was a lack of clean-label, organic, plant-based milk for kids that would meet their nutritional needs. We created Kiki Milk out of a personal need, and knowing it’s had a positive impact on the lives of so many truly means the world to us. It’s a driving force in creating new products such as Unsweetened Kiki Milk and Mermaid Kiki Butter in ensuring it’s accessible to families across the globe.”

Additionally, the brand launched Kiki Marketplace, a vetted digital pantry that showcases products aligned with the brand’s values and mission, such as being glyphosate-residue-free, certified organic, nutrient-dense, and clean-label.

About PlantBaby
PlantBaby is a future-forward nutrition movement developing a portfolio of clean-label, organic, plant-based foods, beverages, formulas, and supplements to support children on their nutritional journey from infancy into adulthood. Founded in 2020 on Kauai, Hawaii, PlantBaby is dedicated to restoring harmony in our food and agricultural systems by supporting regenerative agriculture and sourcing climate-friendly crops. In December 2021, PlantBaby launched Kiki Milk in Original and Chocolate flavors, and has since expanded its portfolio to include Mac Nut and Unsweetened and a line of seed butters. PlantBaby is proud to partner with Farmer’s Footprint and EcoCart, two organizations committed to building a healthier Planet Earth. For additional information, visit, and @kikimilkco.

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