PostcardMania First Quarter Revenue 17% Up Over Q1 2023, Now on Pace for $120 Million this Year, as Direct Mail Automation Leads Growth

CLEARWATER, Fla., May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the $104.6 million marketing technology firm with 365 staff, improved first quarter revenues significantly over 2023, reaching $30.2 million in revenue for Q1 2024 compared to $25 million in Q1 2023, a growth of 17.4%. This is more than double first quarter growth last year, when revenue grew only 7.8% over Q1 2022, as more businesses choose direct mail for reaching increasingly digital-exhausted consumers. PostcardMania’s direct mail automation products and automation-led division, PCM Integrations, remain at the forefront of revenue growth with significant increases.

“PostcardMania’s growth continues to accelerate on the back of our technology-driven products and services, namely direct mail automation,” said PostcardMania Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa. “By making direct mail as scalable and personalized as email with direct mail automation, we’re able to bring real difference-making technology to small and medium-sized businesses that need to ensure every marketing dollar they spend is effective. We look forward to continuing to grow this segment of PostcardMania as more businesses and marketers discover the efficacy of direct mail automation.”

PCM Integrations continues to spearhead growth for PostcardMania with top-line revenue growth of 76.7% in the first quarter. The multi-million dollar division focuses on direct API integration to any software or CRM, giving users the ability to send direct mail as easily as email, with scalable programmatic targeting and delivery, and responsive lead nurturing without any upfront cost or recurring tech fees.

Growth of PCM Integrations likely signals an increasing demand for programmatic offline solutions in response to online behaviors, for example an abandoned shopping cart triggering a follow-up postcard that offers an incentive to complete the online sale.

One direct mail automation product in particular, Daily Mailer Postcards, has outpaced product growth, increasing Q1 revenue 255.8% over Q1 2023. Daily mailer postcards allow businesses to automate outreach targeting residents who recently listed their home for sale, had their home listing come under contract, or closed on their home sale. This often includes businesses in the following industries: insurance, moving, storage, cleaning, home inspection, home warranting, and more.

Among PostcardMania’s other first quarter winners was its letters-centered division, Rocket Print & Mail. With a focus on bulk-printed letters, Rocket Print & Mail grew its top-line first quarter revenue 33.8% over the first quarter of 2023.

PostcardMania credits much of its recent success and growth to the effectiveness of direct mail at a time when digital fatigue seems ever-growing. Recent research by HubSpot revealed that a whopping 91% of consumers believe that digital ads are more intrusive today compared to 2–3 years ago, and a 2023 survey found that 70% of people find digital advertising annoying and unpleasant.

By comparison, research consistently shows that direct mail ranks among the most trustworthy forms of advertising (with 76% agreeing it’s trustworthy), elicits a 70% better brand recall, prompts a 400–900% better response rate, and generates roughly 600% more revenue per lead than digital ads.

Moving forward, PostcardMania remains firm in its long-standing purpose: to provide effective, results-based marketing solutions that generate leads, sales and revenue for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide so that those businesses can grow and flourish by adding new jobs, opportunities and income to their local communities. It is PostcardMania’s mission to help strengthen the backbone of the American economy one business at a time.

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