Presentation Expert Margy Schaller: Determine Your Big Idea And Speaker Style To Write A Talk With More Impact

SEATTLE, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The forgetting curve tells us that people will likely remember less than 10 percent of a talk after a month, To combat this, presenters need to ensure they deliver something crystal clear and focused.

“Limit how much you try to do in a single session,” advises presentation expert Margy Schaller, author of the book Write A Killer Talk: The Expert’s Guide For Composing Memorable Presentations (2023, Indie Books International).

According to Schaller, as subject matter experts presenters can sometimes fall into the trap of wanting to share everything they know on their topic. This can frustrate those who already know the basics or overwhelm others who are only just starting to learn about your topic.

“As meetings shift to shorter and shorter time slots, presenters must be prepared to make some conscious choices about where their audience is starting and where the presenter wants them to go,” Schaller advises.

Schaller, founder of Laser Pointer Presentations, is an international speaker and trainer with topics to help speakers who want to take it to the next level and sales teams who want to better leverage their pitch. Her first book, Formulate A Winning Presentation, has been described by many readers as a go-to resource.

“To begin this process, think about the single most important takeaway, which I call your big idea statement. This statement is a single sentence composed of three elements: the subject, the action, and the results of taking or not taking the action.”

Once a speaker knows their big idea statement, they should start to focus on their purpose for speaking. Schaller says speaking on a regular basis is a calling. It doesn’t typically result in a huge financial gain, it is physically demanding, and it takes you away from family and your day job.

Then, why do so many people want to be speakers?

“It’s because we will go to great lengths to gain something,” says Schaller. “This might be the satisfaction of passing knowledge along to your peers. It might be to build your business. You might feel called to help move the industry forward in an area you have mastered. Your desired outcome can also change from talk to talk or event to event.”

Knowing your desired outcome can help you select the nature of the content you will include for a particular talk. And when a presenter’s content is congruous with their purpose, the audience has an easier time knowing what to expect from the presenter and enjoying the ride.

Based on her research, Schaller has named and defined four speaker styles tied to a speaker’s desired outcome:

Influencer. Most consultants and business owners are influencers. These speakers believe that their product, service, or cause will help the audience to enjoy an easier, more efficient, and more profitable way of doing their job.

Inspirer. These speakers are typically at the very top of their field. They know (and we know) that most people can’t achieve the results they get, but in delivering their lecture, they hope people will stretch themselves further than they have before.

Teacher. An expert peer or trainer’s goal is to teach their audience how to do something with a level of proficiency. The aim is to instruct the audience, often by providing a step-by-step plan, on some process, procedure, or a new system of doing something.

Informer. These speakers’ data-driven subject matter is complex but needs to be accessible (such as CPA, human resources, or insurance coding). They teach audiences what the new data is, how it is used, and why it is important. The aim is to impart relevant and new information.

“All speakers want their talks to be met with applause and positive feedback,” says Schaller. “A killer talk is clear, compelling, actionable, and memorable. Writing or revising a talk that meets those lofty goals can be daunting.”

What makes Write A Killer Talk different than many other books on speaking is that this is a roll-up-your-sleeves and do the work guidebook. Each chapter has focused prompts that help presenters gain clarity around their message.

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