Prime Diagnostic Imaging of Dallas Joins CereScan’s Nationwide Network of Independent Imaging Locations

DENVER, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CereHealth Corp., who is known as CereScan, has reached an agreement with Prime Diagnostic Imaging to act as its exclusive provider of quantitative SPECT brain imaging in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area.  Under the agreement, Prime Diagnostics will provide access to CereScan’s advanced brain imaging platform for patients and their referring healthcare and legal providers through the convenience of its Hillcrest Plaza clinic.  Prime Diagnostic Imaging joins CereScan’s growing network of 16 affiliated imaging locations across the U.S. that provide advanced functional brain imaging.

CereScan utilizes its automated, objective imaging platform, CereMetrixAI, to generate 3-D visualization, quantitative analysis, and comprehensive reporting for an accurate diagnosis to those suffering from chronic brain-based disorders.  The platform features its FDA-cleared QSPECT® technology for voxel-level cluster analysis and signature pattern recognition of brain-based disorders.

“Accessibility to quality imaging and compassionate patient care is a cornerstone to the expansion of our clinical services, and a hallmark of the CereScan brand,” said John Kelley, Chairman and CEO of CereHealth Corp.  “We are delighted to have found an affiliate partner in Prime Diagnostic Imaging who shares our commitment in bringing state-of-the-art imaging to the rapidly growing Dallas-Ft. Worth community.”

Prime Diagnostic Imaging has six clinics in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that provide world-class diagnostic imaging services utilizing state-of-the-art imaging tools. In their quest to become the leading national provider of diagnostic and screening services, they have created strategic partnerships by joint venturing with referring physicians in every community. Prime Diagnostic Imaging specializes in delivery of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT or CT), Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and Pain Management.

Through its affiliate partner network, enhanced insights from CereHealth’s suite of medical imaging tools help patients to dramatically reduce their healthcare spending.  Doctors, research scientists and others serving the healthcare community receive previously unavailable decision support from our medical imaging to quickly and accurately identify the right treatments, thereby reducing misdiagnosis and healthcare spending.

About CereHealth

CereHealth is a data analytics technology company that provides Medical Analytics as a Service, enabling doctors, research scientists and others serving the healthcare community to quickly make more-informed decisions regarding patient-specific treatments for a higher likelihood of success to improve outcomes and patients’ quality of life.

Through its two primary data analytics platforms, CereMetrixAI and illumeAI, CereHealth is a leader in quantitative medical imaging and multivariable analysis for central nervous system (CNS) disorders with 2 patents on neuroimaging database systems and methods (and 1 patent pending), and a proprietary growing database of more than one million structured patient datapoints that include neuro imaging, cognitive assessments, detailed clinical history, and blood biomarkers.

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