Private Equity Firms Gain Enhanced Cyber Due Diligence and Portfolio Assessments with New Tool from BlackSwan Cyber

SAN FRANCISCO, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BlackSwan Cyber, a leading M&A Cybersecurity Advisor, has announced the release of its Cyber Maturity Assessment Platform. This tool is designed to enable private equity firms to improve their approach to cyber due diligence and portfolio cybersecurity management.

The Cyber Maturity Assessment Platform, also referred to as CyMAP, was built on BlackSwan’s proven Cyber Threat Due Diligence Framework. CyMAP empowers private equity firms to perform cybersecurity assessments on both potential acquisitions and existing portfolio companies.

Peter White, Managing Partner at BlackSwan Cyber, states, “In today’s environment of heightened regulatory oversight and investor scrutiny, cybersecurity poses a significant risk for private equity firms. Traditional methods of managing these risks are becoming inadequate. Manual assessments by third parties, while thorough, are costly and time-intensive, often reaching into the low to mid five-figure range per assessment. This makes scaling across multiple investments challenging.

Peter further explains that CyMAP simplifies the cybersecurity evaluation process, making it not only more cost-effective but also aligned with best practices. “For target companies, CyMAP offers a consistent and robust cyber due diligence process, enabling quick and thorough evaluations of their cybersecurity posture. This assessment is crucial in helping firms determine how well a potential acquisition aligns with, or diverges from, their existing portfolio’s cybersecurity standards, leading to more informed investment decisions.”

Additionally, CyMAP includes a user-friendly dashboard that offers private equity firms a holistic view of their portfolios and any potential acquisitions. This feature allows them to efficiently identify and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities across their holdings, ensuring that all companies adhere to the firm’s cybersecurity standards.

CyMAP also assists private equity firms in aligning with the SEC’s proposed cybersecurity updates to Regulation S-P. Peter emphasized that BlackSwan developed the tool in partnership with private equity professionals as well as Data Privacy and M&A attorneys. “As a result, we believe the platform will have great credibility within the private equity market.” he added.

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