Project Fiasco Helping the Environment One Love Story at a Time

MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Project Fiasco, a social enterprise with the goal of helping the environment, has started a crowdfunding campaign to publish a collection of love themed short stories called ‘Love Stories from Around the World’.

The unique feature of this project is that supporters of the campaign can contribute their own stories to be included in the book. Backers can also send love notes to their special someone, in addition to pre-ordering the book.

“We thought this book would be a fun way to raise money to fund our environmental projects. You not only get to read uplifting stories, but you also have the interactive option of contributing your story which will be published in the book. The bonus is that you will be helping fund cleaning beaches and planting trees,” explained Cynthia Weeks, founder of Project Fiasco. 

Project Fiasco was launched March 1, 2020. Project Fiasco is committed to use least 50% of its profits to fund “pollution solutions”. Currently, it is funding a women’s NGO in Rabat, Morocco, to undertake tree planting and beach cleaning. These projects are funded through the sales of an environmentally themed series of children’s books written by Cynthia and beautifully illustrated by Bilal Cinar; this new book will complement the existing collection.

“I am humbled and inspired by the amazing women in Morocco, and I am so pleased at any small contribution that Project Fiasco can make by using our profits to fund their work,” Cynthia said.

The crowdfunding campaign is currently live on Indiegogo and lasts until March 15th, 2021:

“Last year was a tough year for everyone but now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we tried to think of a new idea to lift contributors’ and readers’ outlook and to encourage our backers’ creative spirits to publish their stories. There are no real guidelines – just tell us what you love and from anywhere around the world, in 10 to 1,000 words – and know in addition to having fun, you are contributing to fund pollution solutions,” Cynthia added.

To find the campaign on Indiegogo:

For more information about Project Fiasco, you can visit: 
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