Proof Analytics Partners with Mettle to Deliver Best-in-Class Brand, Reputation and Sustainability Data Starting at $1,990 USD Per Month

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and LONDON, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Proof Analytics today announced an exclusive strategic alliance with Mettle Capital to deliver the firm’s library of comprehensive, high-confidence company brand, reputation, and sustainability data to marketing, communications, investor relations, and change enablement teams, all via subscription through the Proof DataOn™ data marketplace.

For years, one of the most expensive projects any marketer could commission was a brand audit, a comprehensive look at how audiences perceived a company and perhaps its key competitors on a variety of issues. Complex global enterprise companies could expect to pay millions of dollars for market-by-market analysis. Mid-range companies routinely pay $250,000$500,000 for similar reports.

The high cost means that most marketing teams do a brand audit once every two years or so. Given that these reports represent a “snapshot in time,” their validity rapidly ages out, and the data volume is insufficient for ongoing analytics. This means that many companies are flying blind about their past, present and trending-forward brand and reputation as seen through the eyes of their key audiences, not to mention the spiking relevance of their company’s stance on environmental, social and governance issues on investors and other key stakeholders.

“The state of a company’s brand awareness and reputation represent one of the most important external factors influencing its business performance,” said Proof Analytics CEO Mark Stouse, a former large company marketing and communications leader.  “How your stakeholders see you is a powerful headwind or tailwind, not only for the performance of your marketing and communications investments but for your business as a whole. You’re either spending money to capitalize on your brand and reputational momentum to move your business forward, or you’re spending money to try to overcome and transform negative views of your company in the marketplace.  Yet most companies – and most marketing teams – lack this crucial context, which makes it all-but-impossible to accurately navigate a brand transformation effort.”

#GearsandGrease – watch Stouse speak at #SXSW about the interaction of brand and performance marketing:

Julie Brown, global director of business transformation at Johnson Controls, a Proof customer, said: “For years, some of the most difficult data for marketing and communications teams to get their hands on has been anything related to actual audience sentiment and market perception about a company’s brand, and it typically has cost a small fortune. Responding to this big customer need, Proof has introduced an amazing array of brand and reputation data that has been largely unknown outside of top investment banks and financial services firms. By filling these crucial data gaps, as well as by introducing data automation alliances with companies such as Salesforce and Supermetrics, Proof continues to break down the barriers to a computed, high-accuracy understanding of marketing and communications ROI.”

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Paul Blanchard, an award-winning reputation expert, wrote in Forbes in late 2019: “Bluntly, reputation is a major contributor to sales and profit. According to the World Economic Forum, a quarter of a company’s market value can be directly related to its reputation, and 87% of executives think that reputational challenges are more important than other strategic risks. That’s not something you can ignore.”

Neil Stanhope, founder of brand agency Underscore, was quoted in Raconteur in May 2020: “Brand reputation is not just how your company is perceived by your existing customers, but by the market as a whole. In times of crisis, people quickly turn to what they know and trust, or they work on market authority and word of mouth.”

Stouse added: “2020 put a renewed spotlight on the extraordinary power of brand and reputation in driving the totality of a company’s go-to-market effort.  Brand and reputational strength help attract customers and help those customers make deeper commitments faster, particularly regarding purchase decisions where risk mitigation and due diligence are important considerations. With our Mettle alliance, Proof is providing an unparalleled daily record of high-quality brand, reputation and sustainability data, all at an attractive subscription price and instantly ready to use in Unified Marketing Optimization (UMO) and Automated Change Effectiveness (ACE) analytics.”

Mettle Capital co-founder Rufus Grantham added: “Building out the key components of ESG sentiment in the context of broader measurements of corporate reputation and trust is critical to understanding how changing consumer, regulatory and investor preferences will impact companies.  Our exclusive alliance with Proof Analytics enables corporate management teams to optimize not just marketing investment but also calibrate the future opportunity costs inherent in their current capital allocation decisions.”

Pricing for the Mettle brand data, including comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data ranges from $1,990 USD to $3,990 per month per company, provided through the Proof platform. Industry benchmark packages, including key competitor data, start at $5,990 per month. Special agency and consultancy subscriptions encompassing the entire Global 2000 list, as well as bespoke projects, are also available exclusively through the Proof platform.

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**Neither Blanchard nor Stanhope are affiliated with Proof Analytics nor with Mettle. The use of excerpts from their public statements imply no relationship with nor endorsement of Proof or Mettle Partners.

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