React Faster and Improve Productivity with Flowfinity Real Time Dashboards and Scheduler

VANCOUVER, BC, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Flowfinity Inc., creators of a highly flexible no-code data management and visualization platform, has introduced new capabilities to help users unlock real-time insights into operations. Flowfinity is a leader in process automation and industrial IoT solutions embraced by operations managers and IT professionals to design and deploy business management applications and automate workflows.

Organizations can react faster to problems with Flowfinity operational intelligence dashboards that offer real-time insights into both the digital and physical worlds so users can make better-informed, data-driven decisions. Now, those dashboards include a customizable task scheduler and calendar for increased productivity by improving time management and collaboration so teams can better organize their work and resources.

“Flowfinity dashboards were designed to provide a live view of your business processes, allowing managers to visualize performance in real-time. This immediate visibility helps you react faster by identifying issues as they arise, rather than after the fact,” said Alex Puttonen, Marketing Manager at Flowfinity. “The addition of the scheduler tool allows for greater productivity and is the only task and resource management tool that integrates seamlessly with your Flowfinity workflows while retaining the ability to add information from other apps and customizable to meet to your unique needs.”

Users can easily synchronize their Flowfinity calendar with email and device calendars using iCal notifications or send automated system-generated emails to create and update events to help teams stay on task and on track. 

For those that need automated 24/7 monitoring of facilities and equipment it’s now possible to view high-volume IoT sensor data in a time-series visualization leveraging Flowfinity Streams. This helps to identify performance issues and trigger automated alerts or interventions, improving reliability and productivity on the production floor or at your remotely monitored facilities.

Flowfinity Operational Intelligence dashboards are essential for businesses seeking to improve visibility into operations. They enable real-time monitoring, enhance decision-making, improve efficiency, provide data-driven insights, and foster collaboration to reduce reaction time and provide competitive advantage.

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About Flowfinity

Flowfinity is a no-code platform that empowers the people closest to their real-work business processes to create, automate, and integrate custom applications. For over 20 years, Flowfinity has helped process improvers build flexible, scalable data management applications and workflow automations without committing the time and resources required to write and maintain custom code.

The intuitive no-code platform combines a web-based app editor, SQL database, process automation robots, advanced data collection including IoT data streaming capability, interactive real-time data visualization dashboards, and reliable system integrations.

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