RealNex Expands Team: Bryan Colin Added as VP of Visual Technologies

Leading CRE Proptech company enhances service offering with advanced visualization tools for clients

STAFFORD, Texas, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RealNex, a leading commercial real estate technology company, announced today that Bryan Colin has joined as Vice President of Visual Technologies. Mr. Colin adds a new level of experience and expertise in the field, bringing an exciting depth of new services to clients. Mr. Colin was the Founder and CEO of View Labs from which RealNex affiliate, Pix (formally known as Pavonis Property Immersion Xperience, Inc.,) recently acquired the assets.

Bryan has revolutionized virtual solutions with 360° video content capabilities (including autonomous robots) while utilizing data analytics to track viewer and customer behavior and engagement. Bryan’s past clients include real estate, construction, entertainment, retail, hospitality, technology, and enterprise services industry leaders. GlobeSt. recognizes Bryan as a CRE Tech Influencer.

Demetrios Louziotis, RealNex President and COO, commented, “Commercial real estate is a 3-dimensional asset, yet traditional marketing has been flat. With the addition of Bryan and our expanded product offering, we provide a comprehensive suite of video and virtual tools that enable more dynamic, immersive tours of existing or envisioned properties and spaces remotely. This capability facilitates better, faster, and more economical decision-making.”

With the addition of Mr. Colin and in concert with Pix, RealNex can deliver a more complete offering for creating all-encompassing digital worlds that blur what is real and proposed, developing hyper-realistic, interactive experiences that will serve the needs of various industries, including real estate, construction, entertainment, retail, hospitality, technology, and enterprise services. The suite of offerings includes those previously provided by Pix: 3D Virtual Reality Models, Renderings, and Property Videos, as well as the new View Labs solutions: 360° Video, Augmented Virtual Reality (a mixed-reality technology), Aerial Tours, Sizzle Reels and 360° Meet–video conferencing.

“My vision for RealNex is to create a fully integrated platform for data, communication, and visualization of properties across the CRE industry and beyond,” said Mr. Colin.

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