Release of Deep Learning Framework "SmallTrain 0.2.1"

KYOTO, Japan, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Geek Guild Co., Ltd. has released Small Train version 0.2.1. This release supports the Jupyter Notebook interface. With SmallTrain, you can quickly and efficiently build models that enable you to operate quality services while minimizing your data science background. Allowed users to use JupyterLab to host the runtime as a standalone Docker application for multi-user support.

Details such as how to use:
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What is Jupyter Notebook Interface, and why is it good?

Jupyter Notebook is an application where data-scientists create and share documents that integrate live code, equations, computational output, visualizations, and multimedia resources, along with explanatory text in a single document. Notebooks are used for data-science tasks, including statistical modeling, deep learning, and much more. It is a form of interactive computing, an environment where users execute code, see what happens, modify, and repeat in an iterative conversation between the data-scientist and data.

Advantages of SmallTrain 0.2.1

  • Rapid development from POC to production with a minimal data-science background.
  • Almost no programming for building your pre-trained model.
  • Available as TensorFlow and PyTorch wrapper.
  • Build using state-of-the-art algorithms from AI research papers.
  • Accuracy will be better, even with minimal data and training time, SmallTrain is pre-trained in Multi data-Science problems.
  • Licensed under MIT Open Source. So no worries about bug fixes or improvements on your own. Collaboration is the key.

What is new in SmallTrain 0.2.1

  • -Support towards Database Services like Redis and standalone system database
  • -Added monochromatic image recognition mode
  • -Available on Jupyter Notebook
  • -Make it possible to set parameters automatically from a dataset

SmallTrain Overview
The AI model that Geek Guild uses for R&D and contract projects is OSS. It’s a deep learning framework developed as a library for convenient use and as a wrapper. Kyoto Economic Gardening Program adopts the project. Please visit our website and GitHub page for more info.

About Us
Established in June 2018 as a Guild (organization) that gathers Geek (human resources with extensive knowledge of IT). The goal is to create General Artificial-Intelligence based on harmony between humans and machines.

Geek Guild Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Kyodaikatsura Venture Plaza North Building 310, 1-36, Goryo-ohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8245, Japan

Miki Bito
Geek Guild Co., Ltd.


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