Renowned Human Resources Development Expert Dr. TV Rao Joins Coacharya’s Advisory Board to Bring Coaching to Educational Institutions

Pioneering Transformative Leadership in Holistic Education

LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Coacharya, a leading provider of accredited coach training and coaching programs, proudly announces the appointment of Dr. TV Rao, a distinguished Human Resource Development (HRD) leader, to its esteemed Board of Advisors. 

Widely acknowledged as one of the “Fathers of Human Resources Development in India,” Dr. Rao’s influential contributions include pioneering a groundbreaking Leadership Development methodology. This methodology, later recognized as the precursor to the 360-Degree Feedback system in the USA, reflects his innovative approach.

“At Coacharya, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. TV Rao to our Board of Advisors. His extensive experience and visionary leadership in Human Resource Development align seamlessly with our commitment to democratizing coaching, particularly in educational institutions. Together, we aim to drive positive change and make coaching accessible to all,” said Pranav Ramanathan, CEO of Coacharya.

Dr. Rao was affiliated with the prestigious Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, serving as a Professor from 1973 to 1994 and as Visiting Professor and Society and Board member until 2018. Collaborating with Coacharya, Dr. Rao envisions creating a nurturing space for institution builders and young minds in their institutions to explore coaching and enhance self-awareness.

“I’m honored to join Coacharya’s Board of Advisors, not just as an observer, but as a hands-on contributor. Our partnership aims to make coaching a staple in education, bringing practicality and impact to the forefront of holistic learning,” said Dr. TV Rao.

Coacharya’s commitment to democratizing coaching aligns seamlessly with Dr. TV Rao’s mission of institutionalizing coaching in educational institutions. The shared vision includes making coaching accessible across institutions and people with different socio-economic backgrounds, resonating with Dr. Rao’s emphasis on early coaching integration into the lives of children, as young as 8 or 9 years old, facilitated by parents and teachers as coaches. Recognizing the pivotal role of school principals, Dr. Rao emphasizes the importance of their learning to coach and adapting coach-like behaviors, contributing to a holistic and ethically grounded education system.

Coacharya has made notable strides in democratizing coaching, evident through initiatives such as partnerships with organizations like Jaipur Rugs, Teach For India, and We-Ace, alongside executing systemic team coaching projects. This collaboration envisions a holistic coaching approach, aligning with Eastern spiritual values. It aims to establish a leadership coaching institution with a focus on systemic spiritual intelligence, supported by Dr. Rao’s extensive wisdom, potentially reframing the education system towards entrepreneurial leadership from the school level.

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