ReStalk, Inc Partners With Sustainable Fiber Technologies To Build North America's Largest Hemp Pulp Mill;100 Tons Per Day

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ReStalk, Inc has entered into a licensing agreement with Sustainable Fiber Technologies (SFT) of Renton, WA, enabling the company to utilize the Sustainable Fiber Technologies’ suite of IP to process hemp into cellulose pulp and biopolymers. 

“Consumer demand for new sources of sustainable packaging is accelerating worldwide. Along with forest-based fibers, we see tremendous interest in hemp and similar alternative agricultural fibers. We believe ReStalk has the potential to successfully address unmet demand for hemp fiber and take green packaging to the next level,” commented Warren Pullen, EVP at Central National Gottesman, the global leader in pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and non-wovens distribution.

ReStalk looks to position itself as the largest supplier of American manufactured hemp pulp to be used in a variety of applications, most notably, sustainable packaging. “Throughout the last several years ReStalk has searched for a technology partner that would allow us to manufacture a superior pulp product at scale with minimal environmental impact. After comparing yields and footprints with a host of technologies, SFT has proven to be best in class worldwide. We’re thrilled to be moving forward as the first licensee to use hemp as the primary feedstock,” noted ReStalk’s President, Benjamin Cassou.

This partnership allows SFT to work closely with ReStalk for the development of hemp-based pulp and board products. “ReStalk is an excellent company with the foresight into both the paper and packaging arena. Their team and expertise of hemp cultivars makes ReStalk a perfect licensee for the Phoenix Process,” said Mark Lewis CEO of SFT.  “Domestically, the demand for hemp pulp has never been higher, it provides a quality non-wood fiber that competes with softwood fiber,” added Lewis.

ReStalk’s initial project with the SFT license will be building a 100 Ton Per Day pulp mill. “We’re eager to provide the infrastructure needed to stabilize this re-emerging crop. This project will strengthen the supply chain and manufacturing of hemp’s downstream products here in the US. We’re excited to get to work and lay the foundation for a more regenerative model of production,” added ReStalk Chief Strategy Officer, Lucas Hildebrand.

As the pandemic caused by COVID-19 continues to disrupt global supply chains, the need for scalable sustainable solutions has never been more necessary. This mill will position ReStalk as the largest supplier of American manufactured hemp pulp to be used in a variety of applications.

“We’ve received very encouraging responses from a variety of CPG brands and Fortune 500 companies seeking U.S. sourced green packaging. We look forward to serving the many American companies actively looking to integrate regenerative materials into their product offerings to achieve their respective sustainability goals,” noted Cassou.


ReStalk, Inc implements regenerative solutions by transforming agricultural waste into valuable products. Initiatives adopted by Restalk are focused on capitalizing and developing new applications around the legal hemp industry. Contact
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Sustainable Fiber Technologies is a world leader in non-wood pulping and paper-making. SFT currently has mills being built in both Europe and North America.

Central National-Gottesman Inc. is one of the world’s largest distributors of pulp, paper, packaging, tissue, newsprint and plywood. The company employs over 3,000 in more than 150 locations in 48 cities across North America and in 26 countries around the world, including 43 warehouses and 53 retail stores.

SOURCE ReStalk, Inc