Richard Cason Sponsors the NFEC’s Florida Financial Educators Council Chapter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Richard Cason’s vision to make high-quality financial education programming more accessible across Florida came to fruition this month with the launch of the NFEC’s Florida Financial Educators Council chapter. Now select schools, nonprofits, and community groups have become eligible to receive complimentary financial education programming.

The Florida Council is focused on bringing the National Financial Educators Council’s nationwide mission to bear to meet Floridians’ unique economic challenges. The resources and support are given at no charge to Florida-based organizations with an interest in bringing financial education for learners of all ages to make a positive community impact.

Richard F. Cason’s life experiences have been marked by a deep commitment to public service and a passion for making a positive impact in his community. As CEO of Emancipation Financial Wellness Group, he’s committed himself to socially conscious business that makes a real difference in people’s lives. 

Many Florida residents face difficult economic situations. State financial statistics show that Florida has a high proportion of people in poverty and also many who suffer from food and housing insecurity. The Florida Financial Educators Council’s short-term goal is to have a positive effect on statewide financial literacy while making progress toward the long-term objective of helping Floridians achieve higher levels of financial security.

Besides funding the campaign, Richard Cason also takes an active role in the direction of the state chapter’s Advisory Board, which was formed to help the Council progress forward. Board members serve in a variety of roles to support the leadership team to create positive social change.

As Richard Cason states, “Working with underprivileged and underserved Floridians has shown me first-hand how many individuals are struggling with debt, food or housing insecurity, and credit problems, all due to simply lacking knowledge about money management. On the flip side, I’ve seen how financial literacy can empower people to make smart financial choices and avoid debt, bankruptcy, and financial insecurity.”

The Florida Chapter has a mission based on three primary pillars: 1) increase access and develop sustainable financial education programming across Florida; 2) garner support and raise awareness about economic empowerment through financial education; and 3) build strong relationships to deploy sustainable community financial wellness programs.

The Florida Financial Educators Council is an affiliate of the National Financial Educators Council – an IACET Accredited Provider and Certified B Corporation® focused on creating a global force of financial wellness champions and advocates, empowering them with resources and training to support communities and spread the message worldwide about improving financial health.

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