Sales Xceleration Welcomes Top Fractional Sales Leaders to Drive Business Growth

INDIANAPOLIS, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sales Xceleration®, renowned provider of outsourced sales leadership, proudly announces the growth of its team by welcoming 10 new Fractional VP of Sales. These accomplished sales leaders possess extensive experience and a proven history of success in propelling business expansion and increasing sales revenue.

Norm Beck, with 30+ years of experience, serves his community in Orlando, FL.
Norm is an accomplished SaaS/Tech sales and marketing executive, aiding SMBs from start-ups to established companies. He is an expert in sales management and leadership, building and implementing sales infrastructure, and boosting organizational effectiveness.

Bob Evensen, with 25 years of experience, serves his community in Salt Lake City, UT.
Bob specializes in aligning corporate goals, reviewing, and installing the proper sales processes and procedures, mentoring existing sales talent, and executing highly effective sales strategies for exponential growth.

Susan Cashion, with 25 years of experience, serves her community in Los Angeles, CA.
Susan specializes in aligning goals, improving sales processes, mentoring talent, and executing strategies, all while fostering a results-oriented sales culture. She boosts SMBs’ revenue and has grown start-ups to +$25m and expanded firms from $50m to +$250m.

Jeff Filipski, with 30+ years of experience, serves his community in Chicago, IL.
Jeff is a Sales Leadership, Training and Development expert, specializing in restructuring through M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and driving cultural change through sales processes, organizational structure, and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) accountability.

Howard Fisher, with 30 years of experience, serves his community in Chicago, IL.
Howard is an accomplished Sales Leader and Attorney who specializes in building relationships, earning trust, and delivering assurance and confidence that his clients’ sales and revenue challenges can be solved.

William Haid, with 20+ years of experience, serves his community in Greenwich, CT.
William is a trained engineer-turned-sales pro who specializes in building trust, solving problems, and closing deals. Through his experience, he has learned the importance of sales and sales leadership and now turns to helping small to mid-size businesses drive sales growth.

Ian MacDonald, with 35 years of experience, serves his community in New Orleans, LA.
Ian specializes in surpassing revenue goals and resolving sales process, infrastructure, and recruiting challenges. He has domestic and international experience in sales and executive leadership, with privately owned and PE (Private Equity) backed firms.

Michael Meier, with 20 years of experience, serves his community in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.
Michael specializes in developing and refining sales strategies to align with growth objectives. He uses KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track sales team performance and enables them with the resources, training, and collateral to engage prospects, overcome objections, and close deals effectively.

Doug Miller, with 20+ years of experience, serves his community in Chicago, IL.
Doug has extensive experience in executive sales management, including assessing and improving sales performance. He specializes in resolving issues within direct sales, sales process, sales and marketing strategies, business development, sales contracting, and customer success.

Rob Openshaw, with 20+ years of experience, serves his community in Salt Lake City, UT.
Rob is a growth specialist with proven leadership resulting in a fivefold increase in revenue. He has a passion for building winning companies and helping small to mid-size business owners achieve breakthrough sales outcomes using proven strategies.

“At Sales Xceleration, we are committed to providing exceptional sales leadership to small to mid-size businesses,” says Maura Kautsky, President. “In fact, we handpick only the top 0.3% of applicants – just three professionals out of every 1,000. Our rigorous hiring process and minimum requirement of 10 years of sales leadership experience result in providing the industry’s best sales leaders to drive success for our clients.”

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