SCA Gaming Announces Premier Certification of the Aristocrat Oasis 360 Non-Cash Gateway

DALLAS, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SCA Gaming announces its certification with Aristocrat Technologies, positioning SCA as a preferred vendor and further enhancing its partnership with Aristocrat. SCA Gaming has been working with the Aristocrat Oasis 360 Non-Cash Gateway on behalf of our casino partners for some time, and with the advent of Premier Certification, SCA has been able to take advantage of enhanced testing protocols to increase functionality and reliability.

The certification follows the new guidelines set forth by Aristocrat, therefore, SCA’s experience with the Oasis 360 Non-Cash Gateway puts SCA Gaming in a unique position to provide uninterrupted service to our casino clients. The integrated features of the gateway provide our promotional and loyalty software with a full complement of prize award features and detailed player information that includes, but is not limited to relevant data such as: player balance, tier, player and group activity, free play and point adjustments, comps and pin validation.

The clear benefit offered by partnering with SCA Gaming, provides the peace of mind knowing that your casino has chosen a partner who’s first consideration is your successful experience with the Oasis 360 Non-Cash Gateway.

About SCA Gaming
SCA Gaming is the most experienced promotion company in the gaming industry. In the past 26 years, SCA has led the gaming sector in the deployment of more than 20,000 promotional events worldwide and has paid out over $200 million to casino partners through risk-managed prize coverage. The SCA Gaming portfolio of customer-focused services enables operators to drive brand awareness, increase profitability and foster player loyalty. SCA’s vast library of proven promotions deliver relevant, excitement-filled content, offering resources developed to address challenges related to driving traffic on the gaming floor, increasing time on device, managing player rewards and building club enrollment.

Media Contact
Linda Gordon, SCA Gaming