Scott William Wilson, Founder of Reel Vision Studios Advocates for Humanizing Online Experiences Utilizing a Proven Sales Tactic, Video Testimonials

How Authentic Customer Voices Can Revolutionize eCommerce Conversions

TORONTO, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Scott William Wilson is at the forefront of a digital revolution, emphasizing the soul behind the screen. He’s on a mission: strengthen online bonds and amplify brand resonance using the power of video – from company bigwigs to team insights and, most potently, authentic raves from real customers. He firmly believes in forging stronger customer relationships and bolstering brand trust online through video messages from company leaders, team members, and most significantly, real life customer testimonials.

Scott first became aware of the significant lift one can expect when intertwining real customer stories with your online sales pages when he teamed up with Brad Geddes, renowned author of “Advanced Google AdWords,”.  Delving deeply into the tangible impact of video testimonials on online sales, they orchestrated an experiment that not only gauged the effect of customer testimonial videos but also set benchmarks for optimal use.

Brad and Scott expected an increase, however, the experiment results were far more significant than anticipated. Incorporating just three customer testimonial videos on the sales page yielded a remarkable 31% enhancement in conversions compared to the baseline page without the video testimonials. The results soared even higher with nine videos, registering a 38% surge in conversions. These figures encapsulate the undeniable power of authentic customer voices in the digital realm.

Brad Geddes, leveraging the insights from the collaborative experiment, expanded the research horizon, testing the efficacy of video testimonials across a myriad of products and service lines. His subsequent publications consistently underscore one resounding theme: customer testimonial videos are instrumental in driving increased online conversions and sales.

“Bringing a human touch to digital spaces can transform the customer journey,” says Scott Wilson. “These aren’t just numbers. They signify trust, relatability, and the profound effect of genuine experiences in the online marketplace.”

Digital trust has always been an elusive element, especially with consumers growing wary of scripted ads. Video testimonials bring to the forefront genuine voices of real customers, offering a candid peek into their experiences.

BrightLocal’s recent survey found that a staggering 79% of consumers trust online reviews and testimonials as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. Wyzowl’s report reinforces this, stating that 89% of potential buyers believe testimonials, reviews, and case studies are the most decisive content forms that influence their purchasing decisions.

eCommerce businesses and digital marketers globally are encouraged to leverage these insights, offering their audiences a blend of authentic experiences and testimonials. By humanizing the digital shopping experience, brands can resonate deeper, build trust faster, and convert better.

In light of these findings, businesses, regardless of their size or industry, should seriously consider integrating video testimonials into their digital marketing strategies. While the statistics provide a promising overview, businesses are encouraged to tailor their approach based on their unique audience and product offerings. Testing and data gathering remain crucial to hone the perfect strategy.

For further details on the experiment and insights into enhancing online sales through video testimonials, refer to Brad Geddes’s “Advanced Google AdWords” or contact Scott Wilson at

For workshops, consultations, or to understand more about integrating human elements into digital platforms, interested parties are encouraged to reach out directly to Scott Wilson. Let’s navigate the future of eCommerce together, building trust one video testimonial at a time.

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Scott William Wilson stands at the vanguard of eCommerce innovation, with a keen focus on marrying human connections with digital processes. His passion for authentic, trust-building strategies has reshaped perspectives on online sales, setting new benchmarks for eCommerce excellence.

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