Seattle-based Start-up Recognized as Having One of The Best Training Tools in The Industry

SEATTLE, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Seattle-based Endurance Learning is thrilled that Soapbox is a recipient of the 2021 Training Magazine Network Choice Award. This marks the arrival of the world’s first and only rapid training creation tool for live, facilitated training in the Authoring Tools category.

"People have always looked for better and faster ways to create interactive and engaging training," noted Endurance Learning’s CEO, Brian Washburn. "When Covid-19 forced everyone to move from classroom training to virtual training using software like Zoom, people needed to gain familiarity with new delivery technologies. More importantly, they needed to learn how to keep their audience’s attention. In a manner of minutes, Soapbox collects the basics of the user’s presentation and creates both classroom and virtual training plans that are loaded with engaging activities suited to a presenter’s comfort level."

Soapbox was launched in late 2019 and initially was focused on helping classroom trainers quickly generate interactive training plans with a library of more than 100 activities. When the global pandemic led to an overnight surge in virtual training, Endurance Learning quickly added a virtual delivery feature with thousands of activity variations depending on the virtual platform (Zoom, Teams, Connect, GoToMeeting, etc.) that trainers are using.

"It is exciting to see the readers of Training Magazine recognizing Soapbox for its role in improving the way learning professionals develop facilitated sessions," added Endurance Learning’s COO, Tim Waxenfelter. "Our team takes great pride in its work supporting organizations around the world with their training programs and applying those lessons to Soapbox. This has allowed us to reach so many more trainers than we can through custom training design."

About Endurance Learning

Endurance Learning ( was founded by instructional designers with an extensive background in adult learning. Endurance Learning leverages its experience developing custom learning experiences for corporations, NGOs and nonprofits to continually improve Soapbox and supports learning and development professionals through free resources such as the recently launched and Above all else, Endurance Learning believes that every learning experience should be engaging and lead to sustainable change.

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