Sensi.AI Welcomes Teepa Snow to Advisory Board

Combining High-Tech Tools and High-Touch Expertise to Redefine the Dementia Care Landscape

AUSTIN, Texas, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sensi.AI, a revolutionary 24/7 Virtual Care platform that provides home care agencies data-driven insights and analytics on a senior’s physical, emotional, and cognitive needs, today announced the appointment of dementia care pioneer Teepa Snow to its Advisory Board. This new partnership signals a pivotal shift in care delivery and promises significant advancements for individuals living with dementia.

Snow, renowned for her groundbreaking work with Positive Approach to Care (PAC), joins Sensi.AI in an advisory role, bringing a wealth of experience and an invaluable perspective to the team. Snow’s inspirational commitment to transforming dementia care resonates with Sensi’s mission of driving innovation and excellence in home care. This partnership creates a unique combination by bringing Teepa’s high-touch expertise to Sensi’s high-tech virtual care technology – allowing for thoughtful, skilled dementia care at scale.

“We are honored to have the unparalleled wisdom and counsel of dementia thought leader Teepa Snow as we strive to provide even deeper insights to those who serve clients living with dementia and other cognitive changes,” said Romi Gubes, Sensi.AI Co-Founder and CEO. “Teepa and PAC’s in-depth knowledge, coupled with Sensi’s data, will further empower care providers with the ability to strategically plan care around the senior’s cognitive state and mitigate potential risks.”

Snow will contribute essential insights and guidance to Sensi.AI as the company progresses in its pioneering trajectory within the senior care sector. This collaboration seeks to amplify their mutual goal of enhancing the lives of individuals living with dementia.

“Sensi’s ability to detect early dementia or identify signs of further decline is nothing short of revolutionary,” said Teepa Snow, dementia expert, caregiver trainer and author of “Understanding the Changing Brain: A Positive Approach to Dementia Care.” “I’m excited about what Sensi has accomplished and look forward to working with Sensi to further translate that data into actionable steps, allowing agencies and caregivers to be forward-thinking and proactively plan and provide better care.”

Combining Teepa’s profound wisdom with Sensi.AI’s advanced technology, this collaboration will strengthen those who care for individuals facing dementia or cognitive challenges and redefine what it means to age in place with dementia.

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Haidee Hanna


About Sensi.AI:

Sensi.AI extends the reach of home care agencies with the first 24/7 Virtual Care platform which allows agencies to confidently offer a hybrid, holistic in-home care solution, combining on-premises top quality physical care with 24/7 virtual support services.

Sensi’s sophisticated audio-analytics provide agencies with unprecedented transparency into the actual physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of each client to provide much more accurate care and allow seniors, more than ever before, to age safely in the comfort of their own homes.

About Teepa Snow and PAC:

Dementia, a life-altering condition, presents risks of neglect or abuse. Positive Approach to Care (PAC), founded in 2006 by globally esteemed dementia educator, Teepa Snow, is a lifeline providing practical, supportive education that fosters adaptability and compassionate care.

PAC, headquartered in North Carolina with global team members, strives to uplift the lives of those living with dementia and their caregivers. The organization develops programs and materials to heighten awareness, knowledge, and skills surrounding dementia care.