Shapa Health Granted a Third Patent Solidifying Its Position in a Behavioral Health & Big Data Platform

CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Shapa, a premier innovator in the field of behavior change and healthcare management, announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a third patent (U.S. Patent Number 11,222,730) in Q1 of 2022. The third patent continues to diversify Shapa Heath’s intellectual property portfolio developed by co-founders Nati Lavi and Dan Ariely, a well-known behavioral economist. Shapa continues to expand into indirect feedback models for disease prevention and management to optimize telehealth and chronic disease management. Shapa Health’s latest patent will focus on diabetes management and prevention through its blood glucose monitor.

"Weight loss, hypertension, and diabetes are a $500 billion global business. Our engagement and adherence rates over the past 36 months have been astounding. We have continued investing the majority of our resources into R&D. Now with us receiving our third patent, we have an ecosystem that allows us to establish a holistic approach with the launch of our Telehealth 2.0 platform," said Nati Lavi, CEO, and co-founder.

Shapa Health’s Telehealth 2.0 system optimizes virtual care, engagement, and health management, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The system analyzes triggers based on personal biometrics and the environment to send notifications to members. The system helps members identify connections between their daily activities, health metrics, and health outcomes. Shapa focuses on making lifestyle modifications through small steps, taken each day, to impact behavior. Shapa provides improved outcomes to monitor members’ health, make daily changes to affect overall health status, and the ability to share those results with your trusted healthcare team. The personalized system provides healthcare professionals with a new solution in remote virtual care.

About Shapa

Shapa is based in Silicon Valley and was co-founded by Dan Ariely, social scientist and Duke University professor, and Nati Lavi, as an innovative behavioral change platform for lifestyle change and management. Shapa’s mission is to help people achieve their health goals by bringing to life Ariely’s cutting-edge insights, using human-compatible design, big data, artificial intelligence, and mobile technology. Starting with a physical device, whether scale or app., Shapa helps individuals change their behavior. To learn more about Shapa, visit

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