Simply the Best: One Ingredient Pet Treats Are Better

DALLAS, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pet Healthy Hemp, Inc. has partnered with  Pet Healthy Brands, a leader in health-centric pet products, to continue to innovate pet treats by providing the benefits of CBD hemp to pets with Pet Healthy Hemp Sprinkles.

“Developed in 2020 and crafted with pet wellness and whole-food mentality in mind, Hemp Sprinkles are made from finely ground 100% natural bonito fish flakes infused with 1000mg per oz of CBD oil. Pet owners have reported benefits from CBD (hemp) including treatment of pain, arthritis, mobility, seizures, anxiety, inflammation, cognitive dysfunction and more.  Hemp Sprinkles are an elevated food topper for pets who would benefit from the calming effects of hemp,” says Walter Stock, CEO of Pet Healthy Hemp, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas.

“The best products on the market for pets contain non-toxic, naturally occurring ingredients, like bonito fish flakes. Our human-grade core ingredient promotes healthy coats, boosts immune systems, decreases inflammation and pets love the smell,” says Stock.

“As we began working with the infusion of CBD Hemp in Pet Healthy Brands signature products, we were told by our customers that the less complicated, the more confident pet owners will be to try new ways to naturally treat their four-legged companions,” he concludes.

Pet Healthy Hemp, Inc. is currently running an Indigogo campaign to begin the launch of this all-natural, organic, hemp-infused pet products line (LINK).

“We are confident that through innovation, passion and trusted manufacturing, our products will continue to keep pets and their owners happy and healthy for years to come,” says Stock.

About Pet Healthy Brands
Pet Healthy Brands is a Dallas, Texas, based manufacturer of all-natural dog and cat treats. Our family of consumables includes healthy, flavorful goodies for both cats and dogs. We make the world’s lightest cat litter, which also incorporates a wellness indicator and odor control. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality, most beneficial, gluten-free, nutritious, tasty products for our furry friends. We strive to deliver only the highest quality, natural and safe pet products.

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