Sky Systemz to Launch Rewardz Loyalty Program with ‘Digital Gift Cards’

LEXINGTON, Ky., June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sky Systemz continues to enhance the relationship between the merchant and consumer with the Sky Rewardz Loyalty Program and ‘Digital Gift Card’.

Sky Rewardz is an application on the App Store and Google Play that lets shoppers earn reward points by shopping with Sky Systemz business customers. Sky’s business customers can then create discounts and loyalty rewards such as "10 off your order" or "$5 off when you spend $25" in exchange for points earned through past purchases. This allows businesses to reach all local shoppers and gives consumers an incentive to shop local (saving money).

"Discount specialists like Groupon always do well then lose momentum because there is no underlying reason to hold the consumer’s attention. Rewardz is different because it is directly tied to a network of underlying businesses who use our POS, online store, and payment processing, businesses that are offering discounts to local shoppers" says Sky Systemz CEO Brian Nichols.

The Sky Rewardz app also includes a new "Digital Gift Card" feature.

This new feature is available to all merchants on the Sky Rewardz platform. Consumers will be able to purchase gift cards through the Sky Rewardz app. Gift cards can then be redeemed at the issuing merchant. 

The seamless process allows the merchant to issue a gift card through their Sky Systemz account by assigning a consumer’s phone number. This links the gift card to the consumer’s Sky Rewardz account. The consumer can open to redeem the gift card or click ‘send’ to gift it to a friend or relative. 

"Sky has given businesses the ability to connect and leverage their collective networks to reach more customers with rewards and loyalty programs, and now, that includes issuing gift cards on the Rewardz app that can be easily used and shared from one person to another as a gift." – Brian Nichols – Sky Systemz Founder and CEO 

The new element of Sky Rewardz is one of multiple new features and products coming to the Sky brand. To learn more about our business and offerings, visit

Sky Rewardz will roll out in Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, and Central Florida

Sky Systemz is a cloud-based payment processing system and business management software. With no contracts and no monthly fees, Sky services businesses nationwide who want to grow their business while keeping more of their profits. 

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