Small Business Success Expert and Coach Sam Cibrone: Five Myths That Make Starting a Business in 2020 Feel Impossible

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla., Nov. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — For many entrepreneurs, the last year may have thrown a wrench into their growth plans, or scared them off from starting a small business entirely, but opportunities still abound for entrepreneurs able and willing to find where they can make an impact.

That’s the advice of entrepreneurial success coach and small business magnate Sam Cibrone, author of the book Cracking the Startup Code: 5 Myths of Starting or Growing a Small Business (2020, Indie Books International).

“Even through a crisis like COVID-19, you can endure a changing environment successfully. I know you can start a great small business,” said Cibrone. “Too many people talk about the negative sides of doing so. People with negative mindsets fail in business. Avoid the negative influences out there.”

In addition to being a multi-time coach of the year for collegiate sports, Cibrone is a business owner, business coach, and speaker. As a business professional, he has spent the last 23 years starting and growing small businesses. Cibrone has started and grown five successful small businesses and has coached four companies in business growth.

In his book, Cibrone discusses the five myths he’s discovered that aspiring small business owners must debunk to achieve the right outlook and strategy for success. Using examples from his multiple business, Cibrone discusses how small business strategies can change to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19 and other pitfalls, and offers advice to alleviate the uncertainty and fear that comes with venturing into a new business.

“I surveyed many people who wanted to start a small business about what was holding them back and found 90 percent of the responses had something to do with fear,” said Cibrone. “That included fear of the unknown, failure, potential loss of money, lack of resources, incompetency, enormous workload, and the list goes on and on. I wrote this book for these people.”

Cibrone’s practical, prudent, and thoughtful advice can help aspiring business owners take every step strategically. Below is an excerpt of five tips for reducing initial investment and operating costs in a business’ first few years.

  1. List your top ten initial costs to start your business, then prioritize them. (Which are truly necessary?)
  2. List the three mandatory expenses and how you will resourcefully cut costs. (Reducing your biggest known expenses will have the most impact).
  3. Explain how you will acquire income while slowly growing your business. (Investment? Keeping your day job for the first year?)
  4. List three ways your customer service will be better than other companies. (If you’re not better than the rest, why are you doing this?)
  5. Explain the key elements in your strategic plan. (Make every move with this plan in mind!)

Cibrone adds that building a value system and making a strategic plan around those values is a solid framework to make small businesses more resilient in these volatile times. If your business is focused on fulfilling a customer’s actual needs, it will find success.

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