SmartSimple Software Enhances Grant Application Review Process with AI-Assisted Application Screening: Streamlining the Grant Review Process and Ensuring Equitable Funding Outcomes

TORONTO, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SmartSimple Software announces the launch of AI-Assisted Application Screening, another innovation powered by SmartSimple Cloud +AI. This approach harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and enhance the grant application review process for grantmaking organizations, ensuring equitable application pre-screening, and saving time and resources.

Managing a large volume of applications and ensuring fair funding can be challenging for grantmaking organizations. AI-Assisted Application Screening addresses these obstacles by automatically pre-screening applications based on a program’s eligibility criteria and requirements. It generates a grade and summary explaining the reasoning behind the grade and can automatically update the application status, streamlining the review process for grant program staff.

“Our AI-Assisted Application Screening solution offers a transformative approach for grantmakers and applicants, promoting fairness, transparency, and efficiency in the grant application review process,” said Eric Lauer, SmartSimple Software Co-Founder, and CEO.

Benefits for grantmakers include enhanced efficiency, improved consistency and equity, data-driven decision-making, and customizable workflows. This ensures that grant program staff can effectively prioritize and review applications, resulting in better funding outcomes and more significant community impact.

Grant applicants benefit from a fair evaluation, faster feedback, enhanced transparency, and learning opportunities. AI-driven pre-screening ensures equitable evaluation based on the contents of the application and the grantmaker’s program eligibility, fostering trust in the decision-making process and encouraging applicants to seek future funding opportunities.

AI-Assisted Application Screening exemplifies how SmartSimple Cloud +AI is transforming the grant application and review process, enhancing the overall grantmaking experience and leading to more successful funding outcomes and greater positive impacts on communities. Contact us to discover more about SmartSimple Cloud +AI and AI-Assisted Application Screening.

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