Socialgist Announces Partnership with Tumblr, Allows Fully Compliant Data Access

TROY, Mich., Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Integration platform Socialgist announced a strategic partnership with Tumblr and allows, for the first time, deep data access to the blog platform’s unique and niche communities. The partnership enables privacy-safe business insights from its unique and niche communities. 

Tumblr will now leverage Socialgist’s infrastructure and services to deliver world-class data products surrounding millions of public blogs. The partnership ensures important insights are available to enterprise-level clients who seek to more thoroughly understand and engage with Tumblr’s highly active community. Socialgist will ensure that Tumblr users’ privacy is respected by auditing social applications for compliance with requirements to apply edits and deletions from users and admins to Tumblr content in their datasets. This also keeps data reflective of the current state of a Tumblr discussion, leading to better analysis. 

The Tumblr Data Program — available via Socialgist — ensures that social analytics platforms and enterprise data stacks comply with relevant privacy regulations, ultimately safeguarding the data of Tumblr users around the world.

This compliance solution:

  • Includes data streams containing notifications of updates to and deletions of Tumblr content;
  • Allows Socialgist to audit the usage of compliance data in accordance with contractual requirements; and
  • Propagates user actions across the social analytics ecosystem to ensure that users’ wishes are respected

“Tumblr is a staple in the intersection of content and community, creating a place for creators to connect. Access to high quality content is a priority for our clients and now Tumblr joins our growing portfolio of insight and data opportunities,” said Jon Oelman, COO of Socialgist.

These new enterprise-level offerings provide high level, real-time insights across niche and specialized verticals, including pop culture, cosplay, TV, art and more.

“Tumblr is truly the igniter of trends and the pulse of the internet for Gen Z. We’ve watched time and time again trends — including the most recent social media sensation, Cottagecore — start on our platform and explode across social and digital platforms.’   As a result, we are able to predict the next big thing, and it’s the perfect opportunity for brands to access this type of content and do something interesting with it,” said Ben Marazzi, business development & strategy lead at Tumblr.

For additional information about Socialgist and the Tumblr partnership, please visit: 

About Socialgist
Socialgist is the link between the internet’s conversations and the enterprise platforms helping brands understand what their audience is talking about. We work with 90% of the leading social media monitoring and analytics providers to bring them content in a reliable and compliant manner via integrations with our RESTful & streaming APIs. The enterprise tools that use Socialgist’s platform gain access to data that can help their customers answer virtually any question. These questions address use cases like: brand intelligence, product development, crisis management, AI training, risk analysis, with emerging use cases every day.


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