Solutions Metrix Partners with Rain Local

Solutions Metrix and Rain Local are partnering to present credit unions with a unified approach to customer relationship management and marketing.

MONTREAL, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rain Local, a forward-thinking digital marketing company specializing in creating tailored strategies for financial institutions, and Solutions Metrix, a consulting and CRM integration organization, have joined forces as strategic partners in the financial services space. This partnership will help financial organisations navigate digital transformation with best practices and less risk.

The partnership addresses a critical market need by offering a comprehensive solution for credit unions. “The combined service offers credit unions a one-stop shop solution, reducing the number of external vendors and contacts required. This approach enhances efficiency, allowing clients to focus more effectively on running their business,” said Sebastien Forget, President at Solutions Metrix.

Rain Local’s proficiency in digital marketing, particularly in in-app mobile marketing, paid search, and social media, aligns seamlessly with Solutions Metrix’s expertise in CRM systems. This cooperation allows for better segmentation of member data, enabling credit unions to personalize and humanize their communication with members.

Both Solutions Metrix and Rain Local believe that this partnership does more than just combine two services; it creates a significant competitive advantage in the market. James, Head of Sales at Rain Local, emphasizes this competitive advantage, “Through this strategic alliance, we are not only advancing our offerings but also providing credit unions with the tools that help leverage detailed customer data and make informed marketing decisions.”

This strategic partnership opens avenues for shared expertise and best practices. Rain Local and Solutions Metrix bring years of experience in their respective fields, enriching the partnership with a wealth of knowledge and proven strategies.

About Rain Local

Rain Local is an advertising agency that specializes in mobile marketing for banks and credit unions with federally compliant ads that generate clear ROI. Rain Local is a full-service platform that provides a powerful solution for creating and managing mobile marketing campaigns. They do everything in-house, from creative to detailed reporting, making it easy to see clear ROI. RAIN leverages mobile GPS to serve interactive ads that are customized based on user location. In addition to geographic context, RAIN utilizes consumer data to target ads based on demographics, interest, and purchase intent.

For more information, visit or contact them directly here.

About Solutions Metrix

Solutions Metrix is a dedicated partner for digital transformation and change management. With over 15 years of experience, their credit union-tailored CRM solutions are designed specifically to foster personalized member experience and employee satisfaction with streamlined operations. From consulting on the industry’s latest best practices to custom roadmap building and implementation, their team understands that true transformation reaches beyond technology – And puts user adoption at the heart of every project.

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