Sound Pressure Labs and Pajama Studios Presents TrueSPL™ Real-Time Spherical Music in Surround Sound at Sony Studios

CULVER CITY, Calif., Sept. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sound Pressure Labs TrueSPL™ Real-Time Spherical Surround Sound is an official sponsor of the tenth-anniversary edition of Mix Presents: Sound for Film & Television exhibition and conference on September 30, 2023, at the Sony Pictures Studios, in Culver City, California, presented by MIX Professional Audio and Music Production Magazine.

Sound Pressure Labs and Pajama Studios will also be making its immersive surround sound presentation at the Sony lot William Holden Theatre while discussing ‘Spherical Music’ and its complete understanding of how to produce, arrange, and create immersive music. Sound Pressure Labs has created, patented, and designed the tools necessary for musicians to make music in real-time without encoding. Sound Pressure Labs CEO Michael Way, and Lead Software Engineer Stephen Haralson, will share insights on how to make ‘Spherical Surround Sound Music’ easy and cost-effective while discussing the complexity of current technology, how to save thousands of dollars in production, and why the failure on past surround music, Quadraphonic Sound (QUAD) and Super Audio CD (SACD).

Pajama Studios award-winning Composer/Producer and 2-time Grammy nominated Engineer James Gardiner and Paula Telander, 2-time Grammy considered Director/Producer will be discussing the reasons for a new future and the successes of ‘Spherical Surround Sound Music’, why producers, composers, and engineers need TrueSPL™ and how it will become a real-time music production tool in creating TrueSPL™ 5.1, 7.1, and 7.1.4 Atmos for surround sound music. “I can see how the TrueSPL™ system can be integrated during the compositional phase to assist as a songwriting tool, and how a composer will use it to expedite an arrangement,” said Gardiner.

The ‘Spherical Music’ presentation will include various music genres in R&B, Pop, Rap, Rock, and music for film, such as the short film, Movimenti, composed and mixed by James Gardiner, a musical and visual masterpiece, featuring spectacular NASA visuals and directed by Rian Mac, with arrangements provided by Sound Pressure Labs TrueSPL™ technology.  Gardiner’s composition Movimenti features a 70-piece orchestra. “It is an honor to showcase the TrueSPL™ technology through this masterful composition, allowing the listener to experience a spherical symphony from the composer’s perspective,” said Sound Pressure Labs CEO Michael Way.

About Sound Pressure Labs
Sound Pressure Labs (SPL) is an established Music Technology and Production Company.  Their innovations expand the potential and perception for the future of music concerning Surround Sound applications in film and music.  SPL was launched in 2013 as a service model.  It has evolved its TrueSPL™ technology to meet the needs of Composers, Musicians, Producers, and Engineers for Live Events, Production, and Post-Production processing. SPL continues to grow to serve an ever-changing music technology and entertainment world.

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