Stainless Marks Seventy-Five Years of Pioneering Leadership in the Broadcast Industry

RALEIGH, N.C., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FDH Infrastructure Services, LLC (FDH), a leader in engineering investigations of critical structures and developer of global technology solutions, proudly commemorates the 75th anniversary of StainlessĀ®, its broadcast division. Officially incorporated on July 24, 1947, Stainless has been pioneering innovations in tower design, fabrication, erection, modifications, safety, and reliability – holding the longest and most distinguished history in the tower engineering and construction industry today. Stainless towers span more than 100 countries, keeping broadcasters on-air, public safety officials in contact, and communities connected.

Over the course of its storied 75-year history, Stainless has designed, fabricated, erected, and maintained more than 7,500 towers in over 100 countries, including over half of the broadcast towers standing in the United States today. And in constantly striving to achieve the highest levels of quality and safety, Stainless is proud to have been cited by current customers as the "gold standard" for tower service companies.

In the 1950s, Stainless assisted the U.S. Government with establishing an early warning network system to detect launched missiles. In the 1960s, Stainless pioneered the design and erection of 2,000′ tall towers and would go on to build many of these staggeringly tall towers throughout the ensuing decades. In the 1990s, Stainless helped the nation’s broadcasters begin the complex process of converting all analog signals to digital transmissions. And in the late 2010s/early 2020s, Stainless was a major player in helping the broadcast industry respond to the Federal Communications Commission’s challenging spectrum repack initiative.

Stainless played an early and leading role in advocating for the establishment of previously non-existent safety and training standards for the tower industry. Today Stainless is an active member of NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association, National Wireless Safety Alliance, Texas Association of Broadcasters and National Association of Broadcasters, as well as many other important industry associations. Stainless experts are called upon frequently to contribute to industry publications and to serve on the committees that develop certification programs and standards for steel tower workers.

Comment from Gregg Fehrman, P.E., Vice President of Broadcast Services

"Commemorating a successful seventy-five years is a substantial milestone that few companies get to celebrate. The achievements and opportunities Stainless has experienced are truly remarkable. It goes without saying that its success is attributed to dedicated, passionate, and professional employees along with important Stainless partners. Their hard work and pioneering spirit throughout Stainless’ long history has enabled all of us to have access to the information, connection, and public safety we rely on daily."

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FDH provides engineering services and innovative technology solutions to critical infrastructure asset owners and service providers in the United States and globally. FDH professionals hold licensure throughout the United States and its territories. Stainless, the broadcast division of FDH Infrastructure Services, has a renowned 75-year history in designing, building, installing, inspecting, modifying, and repairing communications towers throughout the world in every conceivable terrain. As the leading provider of towers for TV, radio, microwave, and general communication industries, Stainless’ expert engineering and field operations teams help customers navigate the complex industry standards and government regulations related to tower construction, inspection, and modification.

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