Strike Motor Opens Purchase of Blockchain Motorcycle

CHICAGO, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Strike Motor, a Chicago, Illinois based electric vehicle company, today announced that it is now taking deposits for the purchase of the Founder’s Edition model of its electric motorcycle.

The company prides itself not only on the radical design of its motorcycles, which incorporates removable backpacks in place of gas tanks, but also on the radical use of technology never previously associated with vehicle manufacturers.

Not only do the motorcycles come with traditional Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) but they also come with cryptographically secure ownership tokens that are registered on the Solana blockchain. This has several benefits including the ability to track motorbikes globally, theft prevention, and blockchain transfer of motorbike ownership.

Deposits for the Founder’s edition motorbike will only be accepted in GUSD, a Solana based stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar.  Payments can be made through GOOD$, the high throughput, low cost, blockchain payment system built specifically for off-chain transactions.

“Climate change is real.” Those are words spoken by many well-meaning individuals and governments. However, when it comes to making the required sacrifice to save our planet, most are found wanting.

“Countries have come together at several climate summits and signed several climate accords but when it comes to implementation, we see the leading polluters backslide on their commitments with sleek feet like they are doing the Michael Jackson Moonwalk,” said Lanre Sarumi, Strike Motor co-founder. “At Strike Motor, we are not afraid to take on hard problems and we are not afraid to tackle them in a radical way. If enough people wake up in the morning and genuinely commit to saving our planet, we will be done by lunch time”.

The Founder’s Edition will be limited to only 100 motorcycles after which production will begin on the other models.

Deposits are fully refundable up to one month before production begins in May 2024. In the spirit of true decentralization, deposit holders can sell or transfer their reservation to someone else either peer to peer or using a web interface like to a marketplace on the Solana blockchain.

About Strike Motor

Strike Motor is an electric vehicle company that was created to address climate change using radical approaches that not only invigorates the conversation but also encourages others to think about how they can also make a difference.

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