Strobert Tree Services Leads Christmas Tree Recycling Initiative in Wilmington, Delaware

WILMINGTON, Del., Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Strobert Tree Services, a leading provider of tree care solutions in Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania, is proud to announce its Christmas Tree Recycling program.

To promote environmental sustainability and contribute to the well-being of our local communities, Strobert Tree Services invites residents to recycle their Christmas trees, giving them a new life as wood chips and supporting various environmental initiatives.

When responsibly recycled, Christmas trees enhance soil health and moisture retention. Strobert Tree Services encourages individuals to bring their Christmas trees and wreaths to our convenient locations, where they will be transformed into valuable mulch for parks, farms, and home gardens.

Beyond the production of wood chips, recycled evergreen trees serve multiple environmental purposes. They become habitats for pond fish, support dunes along Delaware beaches, and play a vital role in preventing soil erosion. Strobert Tree Services is committed to promoting a holistic approach to tree recycling that benefits the environment and local ecosystems.

“These recycled trees serve a dual purpose by providing essential materials like wood chips for landscaping and becoming integral elements in diverse environmental initiatives. They contribute to creating vibrant community spaces and play a vital role in preventing soil erosion,” said Tony Marsalo, arborist at Strobert Tree Services.

To participate in the Christmas Tree Recycling program, please remove all tree decorations, such as ornaments, lights, and ribbons. This initiative aims to reduce the environmental impact of discarded trees and eliminate the costly process of adding additional debris to landfills.

Strobert Tree Services also emphasizes the importance of proper disposal, urging the community not to burn Christmas trees in fireplaces. Christmas tree needles, even when dry, are highly flammable and can pose a significant fire hazard when burned in a fireplace. The potential for sparks that are difficult to control makes this practice unsafe. Strobert Tree Services advises using dry wood in fire pits to enhance safety and enjoyment, creating a controlled and smoke-free ambiance for festive gatherings.

In line with this commitment to safety and environmental responsibility, Strobert Tree Services proudly announces its partnership with Corrin Kiln Dried for premium firewood. Corrin Kiln Dried specializes in providing high-quality kiln-dried firewood ideal for clean and efficient burning.

Strobert Tree Services has been a trusted name in tree care in Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania. With a team of skilled arborists boasting diverse and extensive experience, the company is dedicated to executing jobs safely, efficiently, and with a keen sense of professionalism.

Residents interested in contributing to the sustainability of Delaware can drop off their Christmas trees at the following convenient locations:

For more information on Strobert Tree Services’ Christmas Tree Recycling program and how you can positively impact the environment, please visit our website at

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