sunday Ramps Up U.S. Expansion, Builds Out Leadership Team

ATLANTA, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — sunday, the disruptive new mobile payment solution for restaurants, today announced a series of major new growth milestones just 4 months after its official launch in the U.S. market. More than 110 restaurants across the country, from fine-dining establishments to fast-casual chains, have now adopted sunday’s game-changing technology, which allows customers to scan, split, and pay their bills in as little as 10 seconds using a simple QR code.

The rapid U.S. adoption of sunday’s technology, which is already widely used in the UK and continental Europe, comes amidst growing recognition that as customers return to in-person dining, they will expect streamlined, hassle-free services that rival the speed and efficiency of click-to-order online takeout and delivery services. Restaurants that switch to sunday say that 80% of customers choose to pay by QR code, saving an average of 15 minutes per check and enabling operational efficiencies, increased turnover rate, improved service and customer satisfaction, and greater profitability.

Among the restaurants now using sunday’s system: Bastille Brasserie and Bar, a storied French-American restaurant in Alexandria, Va., that has garnered 8 RAMMY nominations, multiple Washingtonian Top 100 listings, and a place in Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top 50 restaurants. By freeing up the time traditionally spent on the bill pay process, waiters are now able to check in on guests more frequently, answering questions and getting feedback. Using sunday also gives managers and chefs at Bastille more time to focus on cooking, serving, and delivering an exceptional guest experience, while giving customers an elegant and convenient checkout process.

Up to 30% cheaper than the other payment solutions, sunday is designed to support restaurants as they navigate the new reality of post-pandemic hospitality. By integrating natively with the world’s largest and most popular POS systems including NCR, Micros, Upserve, Brink POS, Squirrel System, and Lightspeed, sunday enables restaurants to make the in-person dining experience as simple, fast and convenient as ordering takeout on a smartphone. Using sunday’s solution enables streamlined, experiential dining experiences, boosting customer satisfaction and increasing tipping by an average of 40%.

To turbocharge its rapid North American expansion, sunday co-founder and U.S. CEO Christine de Wendel has recruited a star leadership team including:

  • Chief Financial Officer Marc Weidner, formerly managing director for consumer investment and M&A deals in food and beverage at BNP Paribas. Weidner previously spent 15 years at Lazard, orchestrating M&A deals for iconic brands including Kraft, Coca Cola, Bacardi, Mondelez, Burger King, and Heinz.
  • Head of Sales Mandy Quinn, previously the head of foodservice partnership at Uber, where she worked with restaurants across the U.S. and Canada to boost delivery sales.
  • Northeast General Manager Maggie Diehl, who brings deep experience in business strategy and new market entry for consumer businesses from her tenure at McKinsey & Co.
  • Northeast Sales Lead David Chase, who previously led sales teams at DoorDash and Caviar.

"We want sunday to become the most-loved payment solution for restaurateurs, and our skyrocketing growth is testament to our strikingly simple yet effective model," said Wendel. "In the restaurant industry, every minute counts and sunday is giving owners and waiters back the precious time they need to do what they do best –– provide amazing food and outstanding service."

About sunday

A delightful meal shouldn’t end with a painful 15-minute wait to pay the check. That’s where sunday comes in. Founded by restaurateurs for restaurateurs in early 2021, the tech company’s elegant solution enables diners at thousands of restaurants worldwide to pay their check in as little as 10 seconds simply by scanning a QR code. With a leadership team of food, beverage, and retail veterans, sunday’s vision is to disrupt payment across the physical retail space, and make in-person transactions as effortless and efficient as online payments. 

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