Suraksha Naturals is Rounding Out the Keto Diet

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The keto diet has gained a reputation as an effective weight-loss tool. However, Suraksha Naturals has long felt that when approached in a haphazard manner, “going keto” has the potential to create some fairly serious long-term effects.

The health and wellness brand found that with so much fat being thrown at them, your kidneys can find themselves under undue stress. This can lead to kidney stones over time. In addition, a lack of fiber has the potential to wreak havoc on your gut health if given enough time. By keeping your body in a state of ketosis for months and even years of dieting, you may even be damaging your bone health.

Most of the red flags associated with keto require further information to back them up, and time will likely reveal more information. However, one area of concern that tends to be agreed upon is that a reckless keto diet can eventually lead to nutrients deficiencies. By cutting out food groups like carb-heavy fruits, legumes, and grains, you cut yourself off from the positive benefits that they can offer to your body.

This is precisely why Suraksha Naturals has created its line of Ketoveyda products. Each item in the Ketoveyda line bolsters the body’s nutrients, helping to keep dieters on their feet while they continue to burn fat through ketosis.

Many of the Ketoveyda products focus on providing nutrients to support specific bodily areas or lifestyle activities such as the liver, kidneys, exercise, or beauty. They often do so using ingredients sourced from typically off-limits items like beans and fruits. For instance, KetoSlim is designed to support weight management and maximize fat loss. In this case, among other things, green coffee extract, black pepper extract, and Garcinia Cambogia come together to help promote cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Suraksha Natural’s motivation when creating their Ketoveyda products was to introduce a dash of Ayurvedics into the keto mix. In the words of the company, the 5,000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda focuses on “diet, practice, and medical treatments that address the body in a holistic way.” It goes on to further detail that this means  the objective is to “treat the entire body and its overall health, rather than narrowing in on specific ailments as they arise.”

While there is no perfect diet, keto has long been hailed as an effective and healthy way to lose weight. As the diet has continued to gain steam, some of its potential flaws have been revealed, including a lack of vital nutrients. Suraksha Natural’s commitment to holistic solutions has sought to remedy this shortcoming. Its Ketoveyda line enables individuals to embrace their keto diets while minimizing the concern of long-term repercussions due to a lack of nutrients — a fact that should have keto-junkies everywhere rejoicing.

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