Taptok’s Environmental Impact Dashboard: A Game Changer for Businesses

MIAMI, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taptok, a Miami-based technology startup and innovator in Enterprise and Business software, unveils the latest addition to their platform: the groundbreaking “Environmental Impact” dashboard. This innovative tool empowers businesses and professionals to quantify their contribution towards a more sustainable planet through the adoption of Taptok’s revolutionary digital solutions, including the electronic business cards.

The Environmental Impact dashboard provides quantifiable metrics on Total Paper Saved and CO2 Saved, illuminating the environmental benefits of transitioning away from traditional business practices. Taptok’s scientifically backed calculations put the power in users’ hands to track their progress towards creating a more sustainable future.

“By replacing traditional paper business cards with Taptok’s electronic counterparts, businesses not only modernize their operations but also reduce their environmental footprint. Our new dashboard brings this often-overlooked impact to the forefront, providing transparent, evidence-based metrics for our users,” said Taptok CEO, Jaime Manteiga.

With this launch, Taptok reaffirms its commitment to maintaining a 100% carbon-neutral platform, in partnership with tech giant Microsoft. The Miami-based startup is not only transforming the way businesses connect and engage with their audiences but also reshaping the role of technology in quantifying positive environmental impact.

With this launch, Taptok reaffirms its commitment to not only transforming the way businesses connect and engage with their audiences but also pioneering the role of technology in binding innovation and sustainability, an integral part of Taptok’s mission. “We believe that innovation and sustainability must go hand in hand,” added Jaime Manteiga.

The Environmental Impact dashboard is a unique value proposition for businesses and professionals seeking to demonstrate their environmental responsibility, offering a tangible and quantifiable means of measuring their positive impact. This tool also offers the transparency and trust required by forward-thinking investors committed to supporting sustainable businesses.

The launch of the Environmental Impact dashboard solidifies Taptok as a pioneering technology startup, providing solutions that drive both business performance and environmental sustainability. This exciting development positions the company as an attractive opportunity for investors looking to support innovative solutions that align with their sustainability commitments.

Taptok invites environmental enthusiasts, reporters, investors and the press to explore the new Environmental Impact dashboard, signaling a new era in how technology and businesses can collaboratively tackle environmental challenges.

About Taptok:

Taptok is a Miami-based technology startup focused on Enterprise and Business software. The company is revolutionizing how businesses connect and engage with their audiences by offering a set of physical and digital solutions in a 100% carbon-neutral environment.

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