Technician Find Unveils the Technician Attraction Blueprint: Revolutionizing Technician Recruitment for Auto Repair Shops

Discover How to See Your Shop Through the Eyes of a Technician and Transform Your Hiring Strategy

OCEANSIDE, Calif., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Christopher T. Lawson, owner and founder of Technician Find, today announced the launch of the Technician Attraction Blueprint, a groundbreaking tool designed to empower independent auto repair shops in attracting and retaining the industry’s best technicians. This 15-minute hiring audit offers shop owners and managers an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate their business from a technician’s perspective, identifying strengths for leverage and areas for improvement.

The automotive repair industry is currently facing a significant challenge in finding automotive technicians. The scarcity of skilled technicians who not only possess the requisite technical expertise but also align with a shop’s culture and values has created a need for a new way of looking at approaching mechanics for hire. The Technician Attraction Blueprint addresses this issue head-on by focusing on three core areas vital to technicians: Respect, Growth, and Money. Through a series of targeted questions, shop owners can conduct a self-assessment, gaining insights into how their shop is perceived and what changes can be made to attract top talent.

Christopher T. (Chris) Lawson emphasizes the importance of this tool, stating, “It’s hard to keep growing without proper help. Every week I speak to shop owners and managers who tell me that the number one thing holding them back is talent – finding the right people. The Technician Attraction Blueprint is our answer to this pervasive issue, providing a clear pathway to not just attract, but also retain the best technicians in the industry.”

Available immediately at Technician Find’s Website, the Blueprint includes downloadable worksheets and a Technician Attraction Scorecard. This comprehensive approach ensures that shops can efficiently identify their competitive advantages and market themselves effectively to potential hires. Moreover, by fostering an environment that prioritizes respect, growth opportunities, and competitive compensation, shops can build cohesive teams that are committed for the long haul.

The launch of the Technician Attraction Blueprint is a testament to Technician Find’s commitment to addressing the auto repair industry’s most pressing challenges. By providing shop owners with the tools and insights needed to see their business through the eyes of a technician, Technician Find is setting a new standard for recruitment and retention strategies in the automotive repair sector.

For readers who would like to learn more about the Technician Attraction Blueprint, Chris Lawson joined Carm Capriotto on the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast to explain how it works and the benefits shops receive by using this tool. The video recording of the podcast can be viewed here Technician Attraction Blueprint [RR921].

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