Telhio Credit Union Joins Forces with Black Progress Matters to Implement UnBiasIt’s New Racial Bias Alert Technology

PHOENIX, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — UnBiasIt, a Black Progress Matters [BPM] incubated technology company and creator of the first-ever Racial Bias Alert technology, announced today the start of a company-wide integration of their pioneering Racial Bias Alert at Telhio Credit Union, based in Columbus, Ohio. The UnBiasIt Racial Alert enables organizations to implement a proactive approach by monitoring all communications for any language and behaviors that indicate bias, discrimination, harassment, or hostile work environment.

"It has now become imperative that all organizations monitor for and remediate any evidence of racial bias and misconduct within their real-time and stored data. In addition to ultimately being the right thing to do, the reduction and elimination of racial bias or discriminatory incidents is now a business necessity," states Dean Haynesworth, CEO of UnBiasIt and Executive Minority Founder of Black Progress Matters [BPM]. "When we talk about positive change at UnBiasIt, we are speaking directly to structural and cultural reinvention through our Racial Bias Alert technology. We are empowering organizations, like Telhio, to foster a better team culture."

UnBiasIt’s Communications Bias Alert is the first solution of its kind to provide immediate and tangible deterrents of racial misconduct and behavior by monitoring communications [emails, text messages, etc.] for any signs of inherent bias or irresponsible behavior happening within a company. The UnBiasIt tool has the capability to be managed and programmed remotely and can scan in over 150 languages. 

"Telhio wants to ensure that workplace communications are in line with the company’s core values – caring, commitment, and integrity – to determine where training and education are needed." states Leslie Bumgarner, President of Telhio.

The UnBiasIt Racial Bias Alert is built on the proven Supervisor technology utilized by the world’s leading organizations, including Fortune 100 financial, energy, and pharmaceutical companies. UnBiasIt Racial Bias Alert goes beyond simply flagging and alerting, by deploying trend analysis and proximity detection to identify even subtle discriminatory indicators. 

UnBiasIt Racial Bias Alert can be programmed to scan for trusted criteria based upon an organization’s custom lexicon that cannot be compromised by AI algorithms and machine learning. UnBiasIt has removed all AI algorithms from the Racial Bias Alert tool to avoid compromising the criteria. The tool also provides value by protecting organizations from sanctions, costly litigation fees, and reputational hazards while correcting employee behaviors and creating a foundation of corporate culture to the highest standards.

The full UnBiasIt Data Stack is a comprehensive suite of solutions including the UnBiasIt Racial Bias Alert, UnBiasIt Data Detect, UnBiasIt Data Drop, UnBiasIt Data Vault, Storage and Deletion, as well as the UnBiasIt Compliance Monitor. The UnBiasIt Data Stack is the first solution to provide enterprises with an immediate deterrent to inherent bias in their organization, as well as delivering the most advanced data management solution available in the marketplace today.

About UnBiasIt
UnBiasIt is a minority-owned tech startup based in Phoenix, AZ, and incubated by the Black Progress Matters Minority-Owned Business Incubator Program. UnBiasIt is now arguably the most advanced black-owned tech company in America. 

The UnBiasIt Data Stack is the first solution to provide enterprises with an immediate deterrent to inherent bias in their organization, as well as delivering the most advanced data management and archiving solution available in the marketplace today.

To learn more about how UnBiasIt eliminates bias through technology, please visit

Black Progress Matters
Black Progress Matters’ core mission is to change the color of the executive suite in organizations worldwide through its various executive minority staffing activities.

In addition to their instant-impact Executive Minority Staffing Program, Black Progress Matters also provides organizations with their heralded BPM Minority Internship Program, their Black Progress Resources Representation Program, and their remarkably successful BPM Minority-Owned Business Incubator Program.

The BPM Founding Partners have pledged BPM’s entire profits to their ambitious incubator program. Already, BPM is engaged in the partnership and financing of several significant minority-owned start-ups, including UnBiasIt, Katini Skin, GRW for Hair, Cocoa by CeCe, Walker Sports Audit, and The State of Clean. Most importantly, the profit from BPM’s share of these partnerships goes entirely to fund even more BPM incubated businesses.

About Telhio Credit Union
Founded in 1934, originally as the credit union for Columbus Telephone Co., Telhio is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that offers a variety of innovative programs, services, and products to support its member’s financial needs. Telhio is federally insured by NCUA.

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