Tellinga Offers Snail-Mail Storytelling That Reinvents the Greeting Card Industry With Custom-Created, Hand-Drawn Mailing Experiences

HOUSTON, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tellinga officially announced its launch into the greeting card marketplace with made-to-order greeting cards and personalized story-mailing experiences. Offering a meaningful way to connect with family and friends, Tellinga illustrators transform stories and personal photos into a series of custom created, snail-mailed art postcards. Story packages range from single mailings to multi-picture tableaus, with each unique Tellinga project guaranteed to be unlike any other greeting card experience available. Tellinga also donates a portion of each purchase toward carefully selected charities that help support victims of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD.

“Tellinga was first envisioned while I was holding down both a career and a new MBA workload,” said Alex Kurkowski. “To keep in touch with my family and friends, I started drawing and snail-mailing epistolary style illustrations – piece by piece, over time. They started off as personalized books or comics created just for my inner circle, and it was a way to stay connected by giving them fun stories they could look forward to receiving in their physical mailboxes. My family especially enjoyed these mailings because the pictures were always goofy, consistently sent over time, and best of all: were drawn with friends/family as the main characters. And that’s the heart of Tellinga – like having your own personalized TV show, but sent through the mailbox.”

Tellinga: Greeting Cards Reimagined

Starting a Tellinga mailing experience is easy – simply go online, upload a photo/s, and offer a guiding story idea to give the artists an overarching theme for their drawings.

“Tellinga adds excitement to greeting cards again, by reframing the entire idea of what a greeting card should do and how it should make you feel,” said Kurkowski. “Normal greeting cards have become so boring and average because they’re mass-produced and are no longer personal. Tellinga taps back into that deep-level experience of receiving something tailormade just for you. It’s about stepping away from digital screens for a few minutes each day, running down to the mailbox, and feeling that sense of excitement at receiving a new, tangible postcard – beautifully packaged in a grocery-bag-paper envelope with a classy wax seal affixed. Tellinga turns the greeting card into an experience, an event that’s prolonged over time and can be cherished or framed as a memory.”

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About Tellinga

Founded in 2018 and based in Houston, Tellinga is an entirely new approach to keeping in contact with loved ones. Tellinga offers custom-created, artist-drawn postcards that tell a story or share a memory through snail mail. Intended as a complete, personalized mailing experience that will be cherished for a lifetime, Tellinga artists take client photos and life stories and turn them into keepsake art. With postcard packages ranging from a single poignant mailing all the way to a grand 12-illustration-event received over the course of weeks, Tellinga delivers a powerful and unforgettable experience. Meet the Tellinga artists and learn more at

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