The $5,000-$50,000 Mobile Food Challenge: A Pitchfest for Food Trucks and Mobile Food Entrepreneurs

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To help innovative mobile food entrepreneurs realize their dreams, Portland-based investor Huntington Hill Ventures is in search of the next great food idea. The “Five to Fifty” Mobile Food Challenge is a virtual event culminating in an online summit in which three finalists will pitch to a panel of angel investors on March, 31st for anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 dollars.

Brett Lindenberg, founder of says, “Angel investments like this are usually reserved for tech companies and not small food businesses that represent the backbone of American entrepreneurship. I’m thrilled we can help bring this opportunity to a group of deserving food entrepreneurs.”

At least one finalist in The 5-50 Mobile Food Challenge will be offered a $5,000 minimum investment mentorship, and on-going support to grow their business. Best of all, anyone with access to an internet connection and great idea is eligible to participate at no cost. The challenge is accepting applications from both startups and existing businesses with a mobile component, including food trucks, trailers, caterers, and more.

Sharon Richardson Howell of Huntington Hill Ventures commented, “Huntington Hill is drawn to investments that are in and for the community. We are very excited to participate and hope The Challenge will attract a good mix of for-profit and benefit companies. There is massive opportunity in the mobile food space.”

Key Dates:

  • February 1st – February 23rd (Applications): Pitch decks will be accepted. Visit for details.
  • February 25th – 30th (Semi-Finalist Interviews): Interviews with applicants who have promising business ideas will determine finalists.
  • March 1st (Finalists Announced): 3-5 finalists will be selected, announced, and enrolled into an 8-week online mentorship program, valued at $2,000.
  • March 31st (The Finals): This event culminates with a virtual pitch competition called the “Five to Fifty” Mobile Food Challenge.

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