The Gathering Spot Celebrates 8 Years with Major Expansion in Houston and New Tech Launch

ATLANTA, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the State of the Club address during The Gathering Spot’s (TGS) 8th anniversary Gather Weekend celebration, co-founders Ryan Wilson and TK Petersen announced significant expansions to their influential network. TGS will establish its fourth physical location in Houston, Texas, joining the ranks of its thriving Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles clubs. 

The announcement of the new club location comes when TGS’s influence has never been more palpable. As a cultural epicenter, TGS has become synonymous with transformative impact, bridging gaps across industries and creating a singular space for the intersection of thought leadership and community action.

“Our anniversary is not just about marking time; it’s about celebrating the unwavering spirit of our community,” says Ryan Wilson, co-founder and CEO of The Gathering Spot. “The new club location is a beacon of our growing legacy and our promise to continue creating space and opportunities that inform, empower, and support our communities.”

Ryan and TK have created a space rooted in culture, community, and collaboration that fosters a melting pot of ideas and innovations and hosts events that welcome conversations and collaboration. Within the first 70 days of the year, TGS welcomed President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and three cabinet members to three events where they hosted critical conversations impacting our communities. But the influence of TGS doesn’t stop in the political realm; from brand titans like Nike, Amazon, Google, and Bank of America to cultural titans like LeBron James and Tyler Perry, TGS is where industry leaders, community activists, Grammy and Oscar winners, and sports legends meet with the entrepreneurial architects of tomorrow’s Black businesses.

“These opportunities reflect the exciting times ahead for The Gathering Spot and are a testament to the vibrant future we envision as we continue to build and innovate for our community,” adds TK Petersen, co-founder and CFO of The Gathering Spot.

In tandem with the expansion into Houston, TGS will enhance its member experience by launching its mobile app at the end of March. The mobile app is a digital extension of TGS’s physical spaces, offering seamless integration for members across all markets.

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With over 12,000 members and clubs in Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, TGS stands as a vibrant hub for Black creatives and professionals, offering curated experiences, exclusive content, and a range of facilities including workspaces, meeting rooms, event spaces, restaurants, and bars. The greatest strength of The Gathering Spot is its community, including founding members whose names are on the walls.

As other coworking spaces and communities faltered during and after the pandemic, TGS grew stronger, reflecting a deep connection between the community and its commitment to Black ownership and leadership. Notable figures such as Vice President Kamala Harris, Drake, Tracee Ellis Ross, Will Packer, Usher, Tom Joyner, and Civil Rights leaders have graced the halls of TGS, underscoring its significance as a cultural hub. Since its inception, TGS has hosted over 4,000 events with major brands such as Netflix, Google, Spotify, and Coca-Cola. 

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