The Great Exhale™ Unveils a New Logo and Brand Identity

The new design showcases a signature brand mark, bespoke word mark, and an updated color palette. The brand colors include brown as a nod to the community the company serves, and green to signify the brand’s commitment to supporting their members’ healing, evolution, and relaxation.

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Great Exhale™, a private membership community created exclusively for Black women, today reveals their new logo and brand identity. The visual identity system represents the core qualities of the company, and evolves the brand in a way that sets it up for longevity.

“The logo that we have used up until this point served us well during our pre-launch phase. Our new logo, brand mark, and brand colors represent the evolution of The Great Exhale,” explains Lisa Hurley, Founder of The Great Exhale. “My goal was to create a distinctive brand identity with which our community would strongly connect, and to establish a modern yet classic visual system that would propel the company towards a successful future.”

At its core, The Great Exhale is about divesting from hustle culture and embracing the pause. “Our brand mark is an “e” underpinned by an ellipsis. It is a visual depiction of a literal pause…a reminder to stop for a moment and take a breath,” notes Ms. Hurley. “We encourage our community members to step out of the fast lane and take a break. Our new visual identity communicates that concept in a way that is simultaneously subtle and strong.”

To lead the brand refresh, the company tapped designer Rose Reynolds, FIT alum and Creative Director of graphic design firm Rose Reynolds & Co. “When we were searching for a graphic designer to bring our updated brand identity to life, we made the strategic decision to hire someone who not only has the necessary creative chops, but would also instantly understand the ‘why’ behind the brand based on their lived experience,” explains Latrice Torres, Executive Director of People & Culture at The Great Exhale. “Of the candidates under consideration, Ms. Reynolds stood out from the crowd—and delivered above and beyond.”

“The company’s tagline is ‘A Soft Space for Black Women,’ so my intention for creating the logo was to visually communicate calmness and softness,” explains Ms. Reynolds. “I focused on subtle details like the curves of each letter, and made sure that the logo is unique, memorable, and evocative of The Great Exhale brand. As I ideated more around the word ‘Exhale,’ I decided to implement the ellipsis as a part of the brand mark. The three dots not only make the logo more visually distinctive; they also represent taking three deep breaths to calm down and ground yourself.”

The primary brand color is now green, a deliberate choice made by the team based on the positive symbolism of the hue: “The cool shades of green in the logo have an ethereal, meditative quality,” continues Reynolds. “I also chose to depict the greens in the logo in a gradient in order to subliminally reinforce the act of exhaling.”

The new visual brand language incorporates:

  • The bespoke Exhale logo font.
  • distinctive brand mark: the Exhale “e” and ellipsis.
  • modern typeface that easily integrates into a variety of settings, particularly digital touchpoints.
  • soothing, sophisticated color palette, grounded in peaceful shades of green, to inspire meditative calm.
  • A word mark with a dark-to-light gradient to visually represent the act of exhaling.
  • Shades of brown to evoke melanin, comfort, and a connection to the earth.

In addition to launching its new logo, the company has also launched its new website, Instagram account, blog, and online store. “As we plan the evolution of The Great Exhale, it is vital that we have a 360° presence,” says Lisa Hurley. “Our new website beautifully showcases the modernization of the brand’s look and feel, and provides another key touchpoint for us to connect with our customers and partners.”

The revitalized logo and visual identity have already been rolled out within the members-only community, which is hosted on Mighty Networks. Over the next few weeks, the brand refresh will be implemented across all touchpoints, including the company’s new website.

About The Great Exhale™
Founded by Lisa Hurley, The Great Exhale™ is a private membership community built exclusively to center Black women. It is a soft space designed for Black women around the globe to collectively relax, lay their burdens down—and exhale.

The Great Exhale facilitates this by creating a virtual forum for Black women to:

  • Enjoy community with a supportive sisterhood

  • Embrace ease and divest from overwork

  • Liberate themselves from code switching

  • Be as excellent or as average as they choose

  • Share their stories with like-experienced™ people

  • Be seen and validated by folks who understand

  • Live a softer, happier, more fulfilling life

Members benefit from community support, empowering content & events, exclusive learning journeys, authentic connections with like-minded women, and more. Membership starts at $40/month.

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Instagram: @_thegreatexhale_


To learn more, follow Lisa and Latrice on social media.

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