The Lost Explorer Mezcal Embarks on Sustainable Journey in Support of a More Socially Conscious Mezcal Industry

OAXACA, Mexico, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Lost Explorer Mezcal, the multi-award-winning, sustainably crafted mezcal, reinforces its commitment to sustainability and economic growth within Oaxaca with the announcement of three impact projects supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In partnership with Voice For Nature Foundation, a global charity that supports organizations and initiatives pushing beyond conventional thinking to have a sustainable impact on the planet, the initiatives will help progress Oaxacan projects supporting Climate Action (SDG 13), Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Decent Work & Economic Growth (SDG 8).

The Lost Explorer Mezcal was founded with a deep commitment to the sustainable production of high-quality, artisanal mezcals in a manner that benefits the local mezcal-producing community in Oaxaca. Specifically, The Lost Explorer Mezcal and Voice For Nature Foundation’s partnership will provide support to three impact projects from three Mexican organizations, all of which will have a direct impact in Oaxaca in 2021 and beyond. The projects include:

–  Isla Urbana (SDG: #13 Climate Action): According to the United Nations, the world faces a water deficit of 40% by 2030. Isla Urbana is an NGO dedicated to contributing to water sustainability in Mexico through rainwater harvesting, specifically in highly marginalized communities where access to clean water is limited. The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s partnership will begin with supporting an additional four rainwater harvesting systems within the Oaxacan communities of San Jose Tenango, enabling Isla Urbana to reach their 2021 goals of funding twelve new systems in Oaxaca.
–  SiKanda (SDG: #5 Gender Equality): SiKanda is a non-profit organization in Oaxaca that promotes sustainable development within marginalized communities, with gender equity as one of their key areas of focus. From October 2021, The Lost Explorer Mezcal is partnering with SiKanda, to support their WEAVE (Women in Entrepreneurship) program, by providing ‘Make Your Business Grow’ seed capital funding for essential supplies and equipment to women-led businesses. The program will also provide female entrepreneurs with training, tailored coaching, and activities that promote wellbeing, health and self-confidence.
–  Master Noel Martinez’s Artisan Residency Centre (SDG: #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth): As a state rich in culture and a deep heritage in artistry, Oaxaca remains the most impoverished state in Mexico, resulting in many young people leaving to seek decent work elsewhere.  Master Noel Martinez is a renowned artisan, craftsman and community leader in Oaxaca dedicated to mentoring and teaching young artisans. Over many years, he has established an artisan residency center where he houses marginalized young families, while teaching them a variety of artisanal skills and craft. The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s partnership will support Master Noel in supplying tool kits to participants, enabling them to earn a living through their new found craft.

"We are excited to partner with The Lost Explorer Mezcal and to come together in providing access to sustainable and safe water to communities in Oaxaca," said Sol Garcia, Director of Isla Urbana U.S. "Water scarcity is one of the major impediments to human and environmental well-being, and when communities have access to a constant high quality supply of water, families can focus on thriving."

Earlier this year, The Lost Explorer Mezcal announced a long-term partnership with Voice For Nature Foundation as they set out to identify and support non-profits and projects making an environmental impact and supporting communities on the ground in Oaxaca, Mexico. The brand’s commitment to the UN SDGs comes from a place of recognizing the need to contribute beyond their own business goals and environmentally friendly practices, in order to support a more sustainable future for the environment and communities of Oaxaca. The specific initiatives were chosen because they will have immediate impact this year, with future plans to deliver long-lasting, sustainable impact well into 2022 and beyond.

"We’re delighted to partner with these incredible organizations within Oaxaca and to support their efforts to achieve their 2021 goals, which will directly impact the community that The Lost Explorer Mezcal works within," said Tanya Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of The Lost Explorer Mezcal. These projects mark the beginning of our journey to play our part in supporting a more equitable and sustainable future within Oaxaca.

Introduced at the end of 2020, The Lost Explorer Mezcal has fast become one of the most awarded mezcals in 2021, having been awarded double gold, gold and silver recognition from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the most established and influential spirits competition in the world, as well as the prestigious accolade of Taste Master – the best of the best across the tequila and mezcal category – by The Tequila and Mezcal Masters 2021, hosted by the Spirits Business.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal’s three uniquely profiled varietals – Espadín, Tobalá and Salmiana – are now available for purchase in select bars, restaurants and high-end retailers in California, Illinois, New York, Texas and Florida as well as on-line at, or directly from For more information, visit or follow their journey on Instagram @thelostexplorermezcal.

Handcrafted from 100% agave cultivated in the sun-soaked Valles Centrales, Oaxaca, Mexico, The Lost Explorer Mezcal is co-founded by environmentalist David de Rothschild and Thor Björgólfsson and created in partnership with award-winning Maestro Mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos and his daughter Xitlali. It is a toast to empowering sustainable Mexican enterprise, while protecting the ancient artisanal craft, heritage, and biodiversity of Mexico. Harvested in harmony with the elements and in tune with the rhythm of nature, the three uniquely profiled varietals – Espadín, Tobalá, and Salmiana – invite people to celebrate the earth and live curiously, exploring the diversity and wonder of the sacred agave.

Voice for Nature Foundation is a registered charity (1113144) founded in 2006 by explorer and environmentalist David de Rothschild. Voice for Nature Foundation promotes a positive movement towards global sustainability and environmental regeneration by supporting creative, innovative, solution-based action.

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