The Next Big Thing in Cultural Diversity, Feather Bear Forever's New Line of Native American T-Shirts

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Native American clothing company Feather Bear Forever is excited to announce the release of its new Grass Dance Collection of T-shirts. The collection of inspirational cultural clothing features eight distinctive designs in sizes ranging from six months to youth XL. The company—which also has a Fancy Dance Collection—will be offering new designs each month as well as launching videos explaining the significance of its Native American T-shirt collections, which represent indigenous dances from around the world.

The new Grass Dance collection is designed to enhance awareness so that when someone is viewing different cultures participating in their traditional dance, they have a reference point. “This may be the first time someone has heard the term ‘Grass Dance’ in their life if they are outside the Native community,” Feather Bear Forever Founder and CEO KC Elvis says.

As a Native American T-shirt business that deeply values cultural diversity, Feather Bear Forever sells apparel with kid-friendly graphics that provide a “first step” into another culture, Elvis says. They encourage people—not just children—to embrace and create a sense of curiosity in those around them. Each piece of the company’s cultural clothing portrays an image that is educational and offers a description with elements that parents can learn and discuss with their children. However, the company shuns referencing “sacred” elements to avoid the potential of offending any particular culture.

Feather Bear Forever operates under a distinct mission: to inspire open-minded hearts through education. In keeping with that focus, the innovative Native American T-shirt company endeavors to enhance people’s awareness of cultures and areas that may have been forgotten or are rarely discussed. Hence, Feather Bear Forever is soliciting the help of culture bearers and other cultural experts who are willing to participate in brain storming sessions and videos to teach children about their unique culture. “If you are a bearer of your culture and know your culture’s history, and love our mission, we would love to work with you,” Elvis says.

In addition, Feather Bear Forever is strategically guided by the mantra: Open Minds, Open Hearts. The company’s collections of cultural clothing present a broad opportunity to enlighten society about a crucial issue. Elvis explains: “If you are a parent or even a grandparent and wish to have children and grandchildren who are accepting of those around them—and, more importantly, aware of other cultures—we provide an avenue to start that conversation in a fun way. Also, this may be a discussion piece for teachers and educators who want to highlight diversity.”

In essence, Feather Bear Forever seeks to be a catalyst that reignites an interest in people to not only explore their own culture, but to also learn about those around them. The company’s name and logo are visual representations of the value it places on maintaining cultural awareness and cultural diversity. “Because we genuinely believe the indigenous cultures, languages and customs worldwide must be practiced and passed on for our kids and grandkids to maintain their identity and the unique elements about us, these elements and stories must live on forever,” Elvis says. “Our logo is the symbol and beacon of this belief. Although cute, our bear symbolizes strength and courage while our feather symbolizes wisdom, respect, and patience.”

Elvis’ individual culture is intrinsic to Feather Bear Forever’s identity and brand. A Native American born and raised in Alaska, he grew up in a small village of people with a strong Athabascan heritage. Elvis, whose grandparents were the culture bearers of his people, has led a life that has been constantly guided by his culture. Feather Bear Forever embodies the accumulation of his life story of interacting with people of various cultures, ages, and other attributes. “When diving into each other’s lives and backgrounds—beyond the skin and exterior—we often find that we are more similar than we are different,” he says.

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About Feather Bear Forever

Founded by Native American Iraq War veteran KC Elvis, Feather Bear Forever is a values-driven business that believes children deserve better tools to learn about others, so they can live more connected and satisfying lives. As such, Feather Bear Forever is using cultural clothing to encourage society to see the similarities in others rather than the differences. The company’s distinctive Native American T-shirts for children gives parents, grandparents, educators, and others a fun, culturally sensitive way to promote open-minded hearts throughout the world.

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